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Cwmbranchildminder · 14/01/2007 21:44

Hi - What do you all do regarding payment. Do you invoice prior to payment due?Then do u provide receipt? Also what do you write on invoice and how early to you give it.
I get paid weekly for one mum and she likes receipt but I've just taken on another 3 and want to know what is best!
Many Thanks

OP posts:
mogs0 · 14/01/2007 21:51

I'm paid through Care-4 for both my mindees straight into my bank account so don't invoice.

Cwmbranchildminder · 14/01/2007 21:54

It would make life easier if i didnt have to invoice or give receipt!

OP posts:
shosha · 14/01/2007 22:25

Message withdrawn

franyfroo · 16/01/2007 13:31

I invoice monthly in advance. All my clients pay into my business account. I dont receipt.

Tan1959 · 20/01/2007 02:17

I invoice monthly only by email usually weekend before payment due - give NCMA receipts and this is what I use as my record of earnings.

ayla99 · 20/01/2007 08:58

I give everybody a receipt now, avoids any misunderstandings particularly with cash payments and in the case of online payments/vouchers the parent can see by the date of my receipt how long it took to go through. I don't use NCMA receipts, my corner shop sells receipt books for £1.10.

I don't invoice those that pay weekly or pay by 12 equal monthly instalments unless they have asked for an invoice (one parent got reimbursed from her employer so needed invoice for their records, or if they miss a payment in which case invoice would clearly show late payment fee.

I issue invoices about 3 weeks before payment is due to give plenty of time to organise payment to me.

smeeinit · 20/01/2007 09:52

i dont do either! never have.
no one has ever wanted either to be honest,2 pay me thro s/o so the bank statement is their reciept,others pay in cash a set amount weekly so no need to invoice...if it does differ then i usually text with the amount.this is just the way we have always done it and bothe myself and parents have always been happy!
saves me alot of work!

dmo · 20/01/2007 12:22

i dont invoice or give receipts never have
i have to NCMA book to write how much i've been paid and parents sign each month
i have offered if they need to photocopy the sheet but nobody has ever asked

when a new child starts i print up a letter for the parents with the childs hours and weekly fees and the parents just pay the same amount each and every week

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