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Birth to Three - Is it changing?

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thefatfairy · 14/01/2007 11:46

I have just been informed by a cm friend that Birth to Three Matters is being changed to a 0-5 programme. Does anyone know anything aboout this as I have just enrolled on a Birth to Three Matters course.

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toddletots · 14/01/2007 17:22

Yes thats right it changes next year(december 2008 I think)to birth - five to incorporate birth - 3 and the foundation stage so that all early years are working to one framework


thefatfairy · 14/01/2007 18:20

toddletots thanks for that If it is not changing till then i think i will do the 0-3 course anyway. how did you find out about the change? I haven't heard anything about it apart from a friend who said she had been told bu her ofsted inspector

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