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CM Club: car insurance

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TheIronLady · 13/01/2007 13:07

Just a quick question; Usually transport my minded children around in a 2 year old car (insured for business use, fully comp) but has major engine problem so quickly purchased another car, from a friend, very, very cheaply and need to get it insured. My problem is that although it has new MOT and is obviously as safe as any car, the market value is less than what it would cost me to get it insured fully comp. If I insured it for Business use, third party fire and theft, would that still cover the minded children? One insurance company told me it would cover them.

OP posts:

shosha · 13/01/2007 13:14

Message withdrawn


ayla99 · 14/01/2007 17:17

This is the cheapest I found:
Ecar Insurance

I always ring/email & double check with the company that I'm covered as a cm.

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