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*** Ofsted Registered Childminder in SHINFIELD, READING (near Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross etc) ***

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Fifi1976 · 11/01/2007 19:08


My name is Helen and I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder in Shinfield, Berkshire (near Spencers Wood, Swallowfield, Three Mile Cross, Arborfield, Lower Earley etc).

Current Vacancies:

1 x Monday's
1 x Friday's

Coming Soon:

Full Time (possibly from mid February)
Before and After School Care

For details of what I have to offer aswell as references and my latest Ofsted report, please visit my website . Please note that my site needs updating so is not 100% up to date. Should be after the weekend.

Many Thanks

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 11/01/2007 20:27

Hello stranger!


Fifi1976 · 12/01/2007 02:42


How I miss my mumsnet!! Haven't been on properly since the end of Oct First we moved and were without broadband for over a month, then my parents get us a new pc for Christmas so I'm working on switching data across etc. Have now got the equipment to have a laptop downstairs which will work off a router upstairs so it will be easier to chat to everyone again (I don't like being stuck up in the office too long). Just need to get it up and running!

So, how was your Christmas and New Year TP?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 12/01/2007 18:56

I took two weeks off at Christmas, so it was brilliant, although I use the time to blitz the house and sort (childminding) paperwork.

I'm really busy with lots of children - I had a "yes" from Ofsted to take on a 4th child even though it was new business, so am shattered by the end of the day!

How about you?

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