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an introduction..

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ladyoflincoln · 08/01/2007 17:21


i am a newly registered childminder in lincolnshire.

i currently look after a little girl two days per week, and today (VERY EXCITING) i have had a visit from a lady wanting a full time place for a baby .

i am also now 'on the web' (my very clever nephew did the site for me) please feel free to take a peek and pass comment!


OP posts:

Cwmbranchildminder · 08/01/2007 19:01

congrats on becomming registered.
love your website & your back garden is fab for the children.
You seem to be very cheap but then I know other areas have different rates.Have you checked other cm's local rates.
Good luck
my website for u to noise at is


ladyoflincoln · 08/01/2007 19:50

thank you cwmbrancm, glad you liked the site! i had a nosey at yours too - VERY impressive

£2.60 p/hr is the going rate in this area i'm afraid, doesn't look like i'll be living the millionaire lifestyle i dream of anytime soon!

OP posts:

Cwmbranchildminder · 08/01/2007 20:10

lol-i dont think any of us will b living that lifestyle in this profession unfortunately.
and it was meant to say nose not noise durrrr! ;)


blodwen · 08/01/2007 21:23

Welcome to Mumsnet Childminders section! Lots of good advice and support on here!


FeelingOld · 09/01/2007 00:05

Hi LadyofLincoln

I too am a childminder in Lincs (Grantham actually). Welcome to mumsnet. If you need to know anything at all (although looking at your website you have most of it covered) just ask on here, there is always someone around with good advice.


ladyoflincoln · 09/01/2007 19:58

thankyou all for your welcomes

feelingold - i know grantham well, both hubby & i used to work there..

the cm board on here seems to be the best source of info and advice around! my neighbour, who is also a cm hasn't got a computer - so she is reguarly at my house 'logging on'

OP posts:

dmo · 09/01/2007 22:03

hi and welcome
your nephew did a good job on the website it looks fab
hopefully soon you will be full i am gald you have the support of your neighbour


shosha · 10/01/2007 06:56

Message withdrawn

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