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How do you choose a childminder, when there is only one available

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Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 22:25

That's pretty much it.
I have called every childminder in this town on the list and they are all full, or cannot do the school run. I have found someone, one of the childminders whom I rang suggested and I am seeing her tomorrow after school.
So I have a choice of 1
I must admit she sounded nice over the phone so I am just crossing my fingers.
BTW - that is 47 childminders I have called !!!
I am feeling paranoid

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Cwmbranchildminder · 07/01/2007 22:30

wow that is mad - wat area are u?

Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 22:34

If I ever get made redundant, I may well have to become a childminder. As to me it sounds like guaranteed income!

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Cwmbranchildminder · 07/01/2007 22:38

yeah def - wish i was in your area.Lots of cm experience the oposite.
Mayb that cm with a space is a new CM. That could be a question to ask?How come she has a space?is she new?When did the last child leave?
If you dont feel 100% happy with her mayb you should try another option like nursey or nanny!

Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 22:44

I don't think she is that new as the childminder who suggested her said she had two new vacancies. If she was new that wouldn't bother me as she has two boys who are older than mine (8 & 11 I think) so she has childcare experience.
I cannot really afford a nanny as she would have to be live-out. Nursery might be OK for dd, but ds is at school so would have to split them up which I don't really want to have to do.
There was one other childminder about 5 miles away, but she doesn't do food. I cannot do the packed lunch every day for a picky eater, especially as ds has school dinners.

OP posts:
Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 22:49

Oh, I should say my last childminder gave me notice before Christmas (when we stopped) - nothing that I did wrong by the way. Also I did persuade work to let me work from home till the 15th, as it is very quiet at the moment.
I do have a friend who could help out for a couple of weeks and I would use a combination of her and working from home (please, please) if I had to for a bit longer.
I just want to settle the children with someone nice.

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Bluebear · 07/01/2007 22:56

We have a similar shortage of childminders in my area - when I was looking a few years ago it was a case of the childminder interviewing the parents rather than vice had to hope that the childminder would choose you over other families. I ended up with a nursery when the kids were little, and a shared nanny once ds was school age.
I have just found a childminder who might have vacancies which will suit both dd and ds..and am hoping that she will like us!
Good luck, Debbiethemum, hope you're sorted soon.

Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 23:07

Good luck with your search as well bluebear. As long as we are not both chasing the same elusive childminder.

OP posts:
Bluebear · 07/01/2007 23:13

ha ha - no, can't be same one, mine has young children.

Debbiethemum · 07/01/2007 23:17

I will report back tomorrow, once I have seen her.

OP posts:
Cwmbranchildminder · 07/01/2007 23:54

good luck for 2moz DTM

alibubbles · 08/01/2007 07:17

Debbiethemum, what is your town or postcode, there are few of us in Herts on here

smeeinit · 08/01/2007 09:44

debbie, im a cm in herts with 3 vacancies?!!
think i must be too far away tho or i would have heard from you im sure!

Debbiethemum · 08/01/2007 09:46

Alibubbles - just seen your message. I live in Hertford, with a school dropoff to the school nr county hall.
Does that give you enough info without releasing too much info ?

OP posts:
Debbiethemum · 08/01/2007 09:47

smeeinit - how close are you?

OP posts:
smeeinit · 08/01/2007 13:31

2 far away debbie
im in st albans area.
you could always try moving house?!!!!

alibubbles · 08/01/2007 14:18

kkey21 has vacancies, or did on the 6th November, she is in Hertford.

Debbiethemum · 08/01/2007 17:52

Alibubbles, she may stll have vacancies, but her car is too small. She cannot fit the extra car seats in.
A pity as she sounded great.

OP posts:
kkey21 · 08/01/2007 18:05

Hi, Debbiethemum! I needed an extra seat in my Focus!
I now have Tues/Weds and Fri's taken, and thats all i am after for now! I wish you all the best as you really did sound fantastic! Good Luck and let us know how you get on. X

Debbiethemum · 08/01/2007 18:34

Well, I met the potential childminder.
Nothing really wrong with her, just a few niggles.
Almost too many toys as you couldn't get to the ones at the back and as soon as one toy came out and the 4 children (mine & hers) the room seemed incredibly untidy and crowded.
She did say she takes 5 weeks holiday a year, though always school holidays. But that gives me no slack to play with for time off for school plays etc and we would always have to wait for her to book her holiday as we could only ever go away the exact same dates as her.
DS said it was a bit stinky, I have a cold but couldnt smell anything wrong. (The carpet could have been cleaner though)
She didn't have her Ofsted report, I asked but she couldn't find it. Though she did give the tel number for the previous mindees.
Any opinions?
Actually typing it out, I think I know the answer

OP posts:
Cwmbranchildminder · 08/01/2007 18:52

sometimes the saying beggers cant be chooser's but when its relating to our children we only want the best.
The holiday issue doesnt sound good! Does she expect pay? I take 4weeks hols at half pay but always give plenty of notice.
Maybe re-visit the hse with your mum or hubby for a second opinion-especially with the smell issue.I wouldnt be happy sending my child to a smelly hse.
Read her ofsted report for def - I think (dont quote) u may be able to view it online in England. Someone else with confirm.
Good luck

smeeinit · 08/01/2007 19:10

she couldnt find her ofsted report?!
if you know her ofsted reg number you can look up her ofsted report here
5 weeks hol seems to be taking the p**s a bit,does she expect to be paid?
i would suggest following cwbrans advice and going back with your other half to have another look/smell!!

Katymac · 08/01/2007 19:12

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snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 08/01/2007 19:13

I'd think her report was the first thing she should have shown you

shosha · 08/01/2007 19:52

Message withdrawn

Debbiethemum · 08/01/2007 20:45

Well, I will make an appt to see this one again at the weekend with DH and get his opinion.
I will try and see if the school can suggest anyone
I have tried all the other Mums I know

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