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CM Club: When relationships don't work?

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SnapD · 07/01/2007 20:54

I feel such a sense of relief when I gave notice to a child yesterday.

I tried really hard - but she was rude & offensive to people in my house - she manipulated the other children - she antagonised my child and verbally abused my DP.

I eventually gave the child notice because she lied with such imagination/enthusiasm/accuracy/inventiveness I could not risk her deciding that we had been "mean" and making up lies about my DH & I in a similar way.

I put the mum & dad off with an excuse - but they guessed it was her behaviour and admitted she was receiving psychiatric care

I wish I had known - it would have made a difference right from the start

I am now just glad it is over - after 9m hard work - I was never going to win

OP posts:

dmo · 07/01/2007 21:00

poor child you shouls have been told of any health/treatment she was receiving
as you said it would of made a differents

poor you too but congrat for trying for 9 mths

start the yr as you mean to go on good luck

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