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Need babysitter Birmingham 19th Jan.

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uwila · 02/01/2007 12:43

We have a leaving do to go to for a guy who works for DH in Birmingham -- date still to be confirmed but probably 19th Jan. We'll be staying the night in a Holiday Inn.

We have two lovely children (girl aged 3 1/2 and boy aged 19 months). I would pay oh I don't know £6 or £7/hour with a 3 hour minimum?

If you don't want to sit in a hotel for a few hours, I might be willing for you to look after them at your house if you are a registered childminder.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested (preferably a registered childminder), then I'd love to hear from you.

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uwila · 02/01/2007 13:20


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Blackduck · 02/01/2007 13:21

try -they have people all over the country.....

jampots · 02/01/2007 13:22

uwila - do the hotel not offer babysitting>? I assume its the one by Broad Street?

uwila · 02/01/2007 13:34

Haven't sorted the hotel yet. But, DH has loads of Hol Inn points so I'm sure we'll be using them. There are a few to choose from.

I'll join sitters as a last resort. I thought I would first see if I could find a registered childminder. Sitters has lots of associated fees, and I'd rather not pay them but pay the sitter a bit more.

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uwila · 02/01/2007 13:36

And every time I've ever stayed at a hotel that offers babysitting I find out when I get there that no one is available.

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uwila · 02/01/2007 16:09

Maybe I'll try nannyjob. Has anyone ever recruited a babysitter from there?

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hbmelon · 08/01/2007 22:31

Hi, did you have any luck yet? I'm a nanny/student nurse and I live in Solihull, just outside Bham. Would be happy to help. P,ease contact me if you're interested, or if you leave your email address I can email you my CV CRB check and references.

hbmelon · 12/01/2007 11:11

Was I too late?

paulinka · 19/08/2007 10:58

hi can you please email me [email protected]
we live in kings heath and often go out so need babysitter, sometimes even for the whole night.
we pay £5.50/hr, pick up and taxi back if you dont drive. email me if you are interested

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