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Childminders can you advise me please?

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cyrilsquirrel · 29/12/2006 18:55

I return to work later in the year. My friend (who has recently registered as a childminder) is going to be caring for my ds, who will be at pre school afternoons.

Is it usual to pay for the whole day? so the time I drop him in the morning until the time I collect in the afternoon.

Or only for hours used?

I am very keen to do the 'right' thing and am concious of the fact she is a friend and may want to save me money. But I want to be professional about it and make sure she gets what she would for any other child.


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StrawberrySnowflakes · 29/12/2006 19:22

if you are collecting him yourself in the afternoon, you should only pay your Cm up to the time she drops him off at long as you will be the one who is called should there be a problem(accident etc).hth


cyrilsquirrel · 29/12/2006 19:54

Thanks. I have volunteered to pay for the whole day! She will be picking him up. Does that make a difference?

OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 29/12/2006 20:01

so are you taking your ds there before nursery and she is to take him and collect him later?, meaning you drop him off with her and collect him later from her?(sorry think i miss read first post)..if thats the case, then yes, she couldnt fill a gap off 2 1/2 hours whilst your ds is in nursery and has to make sure she is available to pick him up yes, you need to pay from dropping him to collecting him.hth


cyrilsquirrel · 29/12/2006 20:29

Yes, that's right. Sorry not very clear.


OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 29/12/2006 21:10

no it was me reading wrong..hope that explains it better?

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