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kpnuts2006 · 27/12/2006 12:14

Last week i had an enquiry regarding minding 2 children. 18 month old and a 3 and a half. Just for tuesdays only to start on the 9th jan. I suggested that she comes for a chat on the 2nd jan. Meanwhile today, i have had an enquiry for a 18 month old mon-fri 1 til 6 to start on the 2nd jan. But at the mo, i already have a 11 month old and my daughter is 18 month old. So i can only take one or the other. Im really stuck what to do. I mean i would like to see how the latter one is as that would pay more money. But what do i tell the other woman if this woman does want me to mind her child. Im really stuck. Help!!!!!!!!

OP posts:

NicJane · 27/12/2006 12:23

Hi kp
I think honesty would be the best policy. It will be difficult to tell the Tuesdays only Mum, but having used a minder myself when my son was young, I know that I appreciated honesty - I knew I could trust her. Is it possible that the all day Tuesday could be split into two mornings - then you could do both?


amphion · 27/12/2006 16:42

As you already have two little ones how would you manage with either option if you had to take them out? - two in the buggy, but the third? Especially in the winter in bad weather or if they're poorly or won't walk. Also, personally, I'm going to try to remember never to take on any just for one day a week - it's hard for the children to settle and it's too much paperwork and trouble for the money. Maybe after school ones would suit you better?


cyrilthefestivesquirrel · 27/12/2006 17:18

I agree with amphion. 2 more under 2s would be a nightmare, wouldn't it? How would you even get out?

If you are going to chose between them then I would go for whichever is the easiest to manage.

Do you have to tell the first lady anything if you go for the second? You haven't done contracts yet, have you?


cyrilthefestivesquirrel · 27/12/2006 17:19

sorry, it's one more under 2 isn't it? and the possibly a 3 1/2 yr old as well.

My idea of hell tbh


S88AHG · 27/12/2006 19:41

As it will only be for 1 day a week you can ask ofsted if they will extend your numbers, prove you have the resources to care for them all, car seats buggies etc, and go from there But also I would be honest I am crap at myself, also you may not like one or the other so i would see them both, Good luck


LoveMyGirls · 27/12/2006 19:56

I would take the 18mth old and if the tuesdays only can fit in then thats great if not dont worry. Think about how you would cope though before taking any on.

Just be upfront and honest about what you can offer, if they go else where so be it just be as helpful as you can without stretching it too far.

Last week i was having a dilemma but due to honesty and being upfront it is all sorted - almost!!


kpnuts2006 · 28/12/2006 20:29

I know, to be honest, i am really scared about taking on any more. she is coming tomorrow for an interview. just out of curiousity do you ask for the parent to provide an additional car seat if their child requires one, or are you expected to provide it????

OP posts:

Skribble · 28/12/2006 20:42

Do what will be best for you in the long run, if you start worrying about offending people and trying to keep them all happy you will tie yourself in knots and never be able to say no. Start now or you will just keep getting into akward situations and and up losing money.


LoveMyGirls · 29/12/2006 07:32

I usually provide car seats as its easier if they are all fitted all the time - getting car seats in and out is a pita esp when you have children to be keeping an eye on. i have 1 mindee who brings her car seat because dad drops off and mum picks up and they only have 1 seat so it is kept at mine all day anyway so i use it in the day, my dp fits it before he leaves for work so i dont have to faff about. I would prefer to buy one as it would save this hassle but it does mean when mindee goes home i have a spare front seat which is handy at weekends i can go out with dp and not have to take the car seat out and store it.


kpnuts2006 · 29/12/2006 11:20

can you believe it? Ive just prepared all the house for the interview for the 18 month old. and she was due at 11. Been waiting around, getting all anxious and i have just rung her and she said that she doesnt need me and didnt even bother to let me know. Im sooooo annoyed!!!!!!!

Just cant believe the cheek of some people, well at least my problems solved now, its a good job i didnt tell the other woman. I DONT KNOW!!!!!!

OP posts:

dmo · 29/12/2006 11:35

poor you
hate that when they dont phone
r u working today? if not i would be double cross


kpnuts2006 · 29/12/2006 11:58

yeah im working at 12! LOL! It must be god telling me not to take on too many lol. i was panicking a bit about how i would manage. lol

OP posts:

dmo · 29/12/2006 12:04

i'd still be cross


ayla99 · 29/12/2006 17:19

Its so frustrating when people don't keep you informed. In the past I've turned people away, feeling that I've "promised" a place to someone else. Now when I get an enquiry I tell them if someone else is interested in the place and say that the place will be given to the first person to pay deposit AND sign contract. Now that I'm making more of a point of telling people that they haven't got a place just cos they've visited me I can feel comfortable about finalising arrangements with someone else if necessary.


ThePrisoner · 29/12/2006 18:26

I always make sure that I take a contact telephone number even if I don't have a vacancy - you never know whether you might suddenly get a space.


StrawberrySnowflakes · 29/12/2006 19:25

awful and inconsiderate that, thank god you didnt start looking after her child imagine how many times shed be late collecting, paying etc!..lucky escape!

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