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Need childcare for 6 weeks in /france as of beg. Feb

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idontlikecrusts · 22/12/2006 21:00

Now that my OH will be unable to look after my children while I work in the UK for 6 weeks Feb into March 2007 I need an au pair/nanny to carry out sole/shared care for this time.

This would be a big responsibilty although the children are in school 8am - 4.30 pm each day so mostly wraparound care.

This is a totally non-ideal situation but I cannot find any other way.

I will be returning as often as possible - hopefully every weekend, but it will be a mother replacement role.

I need to very thoroughly vet all possible applicants.

Anyone know someone who might be interested in spending 6 weeks in France with plenty of free time?

OP posts:

spudballoo · 22/12/2006 21:15

Oh lovie xxxx don't fret about this, this is the LEAST of your problems. Let's email, you can't leave your children absolutely NO WAY give what has gone on. I'm mailing you now.

sorry, not stalking you , just came on and did a search to see if there was an update on A. I feel so sad for you



idontlikecrusts · 22/12/2006 21:18

Hi spuddie

I am posting this NOW in case I don't have any bright ideas.

I am coming to you whatever - there is always my mum and dad at a big push and also their dad/stepdad but an au pair/nanny might be good if I could get back at the weekends after the first 14 days.

Email away though - just thought I'd reply here so you knwo I saw.

I won't let you down!

OP posts:

spudballoo · 22/12/2006 21:29

I funkied you ooh er.

You are utterly sweet, but it's not up for discussion. You have WAY too much on your plate, you need to keep focused on your children and on yourself because it's going to be a tough couple of months sorting all this out. Anyway, it's all in the email. Consider it sorted. You're staying in France and that's THAT! I really think this is a pivotal time in your life, and you know more than anyone that when the chips are really down (and boy are they down) you have to have to have to put yourself and your family first.

Here ends the lesson.


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