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CM club. One of my mindees mums has just said

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santasaltire · 21/12/2006 11:57

That she was gong to buy me a box of chocolates, for Christmas, but her Dh said that they paid me enough money so i wasn't getting anything!
I then handed her the lovely wrapped gift i had got for mindee and said
"Hope you have a lovely Christmas"

OP posts:
Blu · 21/12/2006 12:00

Oh well, that will have shamed her, hopefully!

And does she heed every crap opinion of her DH?

fireflyxmasfairylights2 · 21/12/2006 12:01


I got my c/minder a lovely mug in a great presentation box, some bath salts & a gift voucher from Next. As well as buying her three kids a gift each & the other 2 mindees a jigsaw puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!

When I handed her the package she hugged me & said I really shouldn't have as I pay her above & beyond what I should... but it's Xmas, I like to show people who are good me, how much I appreciate it.

I can't believe she actually said that to you... I mean, it's one thing to think it, but a whole n'other story to voice it!!!!

happystory · 21/12/2006 12:08

Shocked that she said that. If you just hadn't got anything you'd have just thought' Oh well' but to point it out that they NEARLY got you something!! And if she disagreed with her h surely she could have got you something anyway.

Some Christmas spirit

LemonTart · 21/12/2006 12:09

one thing to make that decision, another to be so rude to tell you! I would like to think your lovely gesture would have shamed her into realising her blunder but then again she sounds so thick skinned that it prob went over her head

I got a small box of totally inedible homemade biscuits, very grubby, covered in violently coloured icing. Best pressie I have received so far! Not the biscuits that will prob end in the bin, the note written with them of thanks and love from a lovely little 5 yr old I look after regularly after school. People seem to forget that it is not the money bit that matters at all, more about showing that we appreciate and care.

santasaltire · 21/12/2006 14:18

As all fellow CM's will agree, we don't look for presents, but i was so shocked at her saying that.
I know now if she turns up with something it will have been bought grudginlgy.

OP posts:
dmo · 22/12/2006 12:47

dh just came home from work with a bottle of wine and some chocs
he also had a all expensive paid night out at work

my point is that dh gets paid to do a job but its nice to receive a gift to feel app

hulababy · 22/12/2006 12:49

I can't believe she actually said that to you! One thing to think it maybe, but to repeat it.

Charellie · 22/12/2006 16:57

That's terrible.

My childminder always buys my dt's a pressie for birthdays and christmas.

I didn't know what to get her for christmas but wanted to show how much we appreciate her so I've given her a beauty voucher which should be enough for a massage or a facial and manicure.

nothercules · 22/12/2006 16:59

We always got our childminder and her kids gifts and she got our ds a lovely gift.

santasaltire · 23/12/2006 10:58

Well, all mindees are now finished. No christmas presents from any of them, and a card from just one!. Feeling sad, not because i look for presents, but not even a "have a nice Chrismtas" comment from any of them!
Oh well, at least i feel good about myself because i gave all mindees a present and a lovely card.

OP posts:
Skylertnightholynight · 23/12/2006 11:16

OMG. That is so shocking. I am a SAHM so don't use a childminder but would not dream of not giving a gift. How bloody rude! When I had a cleaner (in the good old days) I made sure she got paid for her week off over Christmas and gave her a present and a bottle of something too.

PeachyIsNowAChristmasFruit · 23/12/2006 11:58

Mine got wine, chocs, an oxfam gift and was worth evry single penny and very much more.

Very rude imo. Even if she didnt get you anything, she oculd have rpetended it was an accident or something.

Bloody rude, in fact

lovemyboys · 23/12/2006 13:11

i,m not even working at the moment, havn't been for 5 weeks as i broke my ankle!

but my nindees all bought me a pressie and card, they went out of there way to get them to me.

i was sooo chuffed.

lovemyboys · 23/12/2006 13:12

opps mindees.

poinsettydog · 23/12/2006 13:37

Am speechless.

BAD enough her dh saying that, but then she repeats it to you? She's screwy.

I;ve always got my childminders a card and present - something nice at that - and I'm not one to buy presents for the sake of it. Choose your parents more carefully! You're worth it!

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