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StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/12/2006 08:50

one mindee's mum already said she wouldnt be bringing her tomorrow as her grandmother wants to have her.......
now other mindees mum just dropped her off and said oh sorry i havent brought presents..erm..well thats fine, you can bring and we can exchange them tomorrow..oh, no thats what i wanted to say, im going to keep dd off tomorrow as i havent much to do and broke up early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no offense to mindee, but...........................................
YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.a real live actual day off!..and paid!!!!!

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dmo · 21/12/2006 13:45

lucky you
hope you have a fab christmas


busybusymum · 21/12/2006 13:47


enjoy your day.


StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/12/2006 14:31

dya know what im going to do???...finish off painting the bathroom!!!!
as we have freinds over boxing day and house is still a awroking progress! gutting the house so i can chill over tmy holiday and not do a thing!

and merry christmas to you to

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busybusymum · 21/12/2006 17:07

you may only be painting the bathroom but I bet you will be singing whilst you do it.

Merry Christmas


dmo · 21/12/2006 18:38

just think you will be getting paid to paint your own bathroom


StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/12/2006 19:03

..yeah spose your right..and at least i can do it at my(dd's)pace and not rushing as someones on their way!
TBH it's had three coats(was white glossy, wanted magnolia matt, didnt like magnolia matt, so re painted white matt and you would believe what a tw..matt! its been to cover!!! one more coat and the cutting in to do!

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/12/2006 11:46

well, slept/stayed in bed till 7.30, me and dd had brekkie with dp, he went to work, me and dd put radio on p.c and painted bathroom(can only do cutting in as i let roller dry up, but looks better anyway!..sent in answer to comp on radio and we got our name read out..dd, v.happy, just had lunch of pizza, doritos and garlic dip, followed by cadbury mini trifle sprinkled with milky way magic stars..dd still in p.j's with spanish dancer dress over the top..we're guna wrap last prezzys up then ill clean bathroom, hoover and dd is going to help me wash and dry my hair

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LoveMyGirls · 22/12/2006 11:53

im finsihing at 2pm but babies go to sleep at 12 (well we're running a bit late but soon as they have finished the ir lunch and been changed) then i a going to tidy up (its not too bad) and wrap some pressies then chill out until baby mindees mum arrives then ill chill and play with dd2 and then pick dd1 up and go to hell otherwise known as asda!! as we need food shopping - id avoid it if i could but really, when you have run out of butter you have to say its time to go food shopping.........


LoveMyGirls · 22/12/2006 11:54

meant to say, glad you're enjoying your suprise day off!!


3frenchHenniePennies · 22/12/2006 12:30

Well, I was supposed to be working until 5.30pm today,but.....I had an awfull tummy bug yesteray which meant I had to cancel both mindees yesterday and today.


dmo · 22/12/2006 12:45

i've got tummy bug too
but still at work feelin bit better now
asda just delivered all my food shop and dh has put it away (he finished at 10.30am)
i finish at 6.30pm cant wait


StrawberrySnowflakes · 22/12/2006 12:51

aw, hope you all feel better

weve just wrapped prezzys and dd is now running round dressed as it!

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