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CM CLUB - Have you given notice because of............

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LoveMyGirls · 19/12/2006 17:25

another offer?

Just wondering what the right thing to do is.

The grass always looks greener doesnt it? so i wondered what you do if you get a better offer. eg a ft'er instead of a pt'er. If you're on a short term contract but have agreed a date to fill in a more formal contract is it wrong to back out because you have had a better offer?


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cyrilthefestivesquirrel · 19/12/2006 17:59

I don't think it's wrong, no.

As long as you give the correct notice period, and especially as you were on a short term contract, you are free to do what you feel is best for you and your circumstances.

StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/12/2006 18:04

i imagine you would be like me nd feel guilty but..does a plumber fel guilty charging you a £60 call out fee?? its business(she says hiding behind her terms and conditions file)..if you get something more permanent/better hours, less violent child(see my thread!), i think you should go for it

LoveMyGirls · 19/12/2006 18:33

hummm im really not sure i think i'll probably stick with what i have tbh as better the devil you know and all that, its just i've had a phonecall today and it put a slight spanner in my works.
you have prob seen the threads ive started about settling in a child and the probs i've had and im still not sure what his def hours will be as they keep saying we'll see how he settles before we decide on hours though i think it will end up being 4-5days eventually. Then the phonecall i had today was for a 2yr old, 8yr old and 10yr old to take to school/ nursery (not sure how many days or if its to pick up) i just thought that between the 3 it would prob work out the same as 1 almost full timer but less hassle (obv more hassle as at start of the day as will have 3 kids to get to school, 2 to keep with me and 1 to nursery) but then after that it would be pretty quiet i could concentrate on babies and then they go for naps in the afternoon. but then if its pick up as well then there would be 4 kids to feed but then at least they can feed themselves (my youngest is learning and does quite a good job if alot of mess)

i don't really know, i could phone the family of 3 and ask for exact hours per week but as she works shifts i doubt she's got any idea. i did suggest i could have her 2yr old full time and then id def do it but she didnt want to do that - fair enough as shes already settled.

Also i've worked really hard with family of 1 and i htink we may have had a break through today - see how tomorrow goes before i get my hopes up!!!

Or i could wait it out and see what the new year brings, see if this boy properly settles if she wants me to do enough hours (thats the thing when you have 1 full timer you have to work long hours to make the pay decent)

I'm thinking of this in a money way btw i have my business head on, trying to avoid feelings etc.

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/12/2006 19:06

thats the best way to view it, i find it hard too!
ive been working 8 days on the trot at minute and will be doing so until friday at hopefully 4pm(so 12 days with no break and have been working from early doors until 6pm with dd having tonsiltus and i tired!)
think if your anyhing like me you take what you can and eal with the consequences later, you seem to really care about this child, enough to want to keep him on and help him..shame the paretns arn't more need facts and igures and dotted line business from 1st child unless you do need to keep your options open..good luck!x

StrawberrySnowflakes · 19/12/2006 19:07

deal not sorry about my spelling!

shiningstar · 19/12/2006 21:10

i have done this. As i stated in a previous thread this is a business and although it is different to a normal job you still have to think what is best for yourself and your family. it was horrible but the parent understood and we still see each other and are on good terms. I think most people would understand that although we care for their children we still have to support our own families in a business sense.

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 18:06

Just reviving this thread for more opinions on what to do?

What is the general consenus on giving notice for better offers? TIA

OP posts:
star1976 · 30/05/2007 18:26

Interesting thread as been thinking about this myself.

I have a few financial problems at the moment. My terms and conditions state payment is required monthly in advance but mindee 2's mum asked if we could do weekly, said I would try it but it really isn't working for me. Have asked her to change it to monthly but she can't do in advance (fair enough) but at the same time, I can't wait a month to be paid either! So we have stayed with the weekly arrangement and I will have to continue struggling with my bills!

Considering advertising a full time space (mindee 2 is three full days) and if someone wants it giving notice. Worried that I am being a horrid person though!

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 19:02

Basically mine is that i have just given notice to one family (A) as only wanted 13hours and taken on a new family (B) 30 hours I felt awful but we're moving house and im seriously overdrawn, we've had car problem after car problem and both our cars still need more work, the od is silly, moving house means more rent and new carpets, curtains etc etc but i've been on the list waiting to move for 2 years so we can't turn the move down.

I've been struggling with mindees since march when i had 2 mindees leave (who between them were about 70 plus hours) so we've slipped into our od to pay bills etc etc basically we're struggling and can't see a way out unless i get a ft mindee and today i got a call asking if i had space for one but family B have started with me this week and although we have said the settling in period is a month and either of us can call it off in that time i just feel so bad and worried about getting a reputation for doing this at the same time as thinking family B have already been messing me about (not phoning when they said they would and making me feel unrespected etc etc) and also that we need the money so much right now i'd be stupid to pass up the first ft mindee enquirey i've had since january!

I'm so torn, I just don't know what to do

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LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 20:27


OP posts:
thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 20:31

You have to remember that you are in this as a business, and we don't get paid very much in the big scheme of things for the service that we offer, so go with the option that best suits YOU, as I am sure mindees parents would do the same if they got a better offer!

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 20:36

But i feel like a cow! I feel like people will think im a penny pinching evil cow! That everyone will say don't go to her she'll dump you as soon as someone comes along offering her more money and it's not that simple, I need the money but I also want to have a good group of children and the ones i have just taken on don't get on with 1 of my current mindee's so i'm havingt o alternate the days i have them which obviously affects money etc etc theres lots of issues with this. I feel like if we've done paperwork i should stick to my side as she really needs me but.....but............doh!!!

Come on i need more views and wine.

OP posts:
thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 20:41

You have just given the reason in your post! If mindees don't get on then why are you letting them stay??

Be mean (and drink more wine)

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 20:48

Its sort of complicated, worried about saying too much but the ones that dont get on are two 8 yr olds, 1 comes 3 days a week holidays only with his sister the other im on stand by to collect from school and mum wants me to have him all week in hols meaning i'd have 7 children which i dont want to do so after working today and having 6 children i have decided i really cant have 7 especially not 2 that dont get on, i can only do 2 days in hols which is not giving her what she wants but his sister who i have for about 25-30hrs a week is who is taking up the ft space and she has slotted right in so i guess its really her i would have to give notice to and i dont have so many reasons, but i know if i was their mum i'd want/ hope my children could be cared for together but what if i say this about older child and she says ok dont have him but keep dd? then i have to think of something other than well ive had another offer?!

OP posts:
thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 21:09

Is the offer of the full timer definate? You could be pulling at your heart for no reason.

1dilemma · 30/05/2007 21:12

blimey that's complicated, and 7 kids I take my hat off to you. Don't know whether I can say anything helpful though. You have to do what's right for you, but yes you don't want a bad rep (would that happen?) also parents wouldn't want their children somewhere where they don't get on so might be worth discussing it from that pov. Could you ask for a variation (more kids), or juggle hours around so you have a free day to take another? Sorry not easy.

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 21:24

No i havent looked after 7 kids yet, 6 is most so far! My point is I'm not prepared to look after 2 boys that hate each other as well as 5 other children, 3 of which are 2 and under. looks like i have no choice really.

OP posts:
thebumcleaner · 30/05/2007 21:28

It is hard work as I did it last summer. I had 11 at one point for an hour as children overlapped, but it was OK. I just got the 2 who didn't get on doing things in different rooms.

LoveMyGirls · 30/05/2007 21:39

No the offer isn't definate and by the time i find out if it is it may be too late anyway as if i don't cancel family A within a month i will have to give 4 weeks notice.

I'm off to bed for now, I cant think about this anymore today.

OP posts:
star1976 · 30/05/2007 22:02

As it is just an enquiry, and they often don't bother to turn up to appointments never mind actually sign a contract, I would be tempted to stick with what you have for now.

Invite the ft enquiry round to meet you and see where it goes from there. Be careful not to give notice to current mindee's before you have a def ft space filled (contracts signed/retainer????).

Good luck (i'm sure that anyone with any business sense will understand if you do give notice).

shiningstar · 31/05/2007 14:06

i gave notice to a part timer for a full timer. the mother screamed at me in my own house infront of our children and told me it was wrong!! i should stibk with her and be poor apparently.! funnily enough we arwe not on speaking terms unlike with other parents that have left for other reasons!

LoveMyGirls · 31/05/2007 15:31

Shining - but do you still feel it was the right decision?

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 31/05/2007 15:56

Also did it affect your reputation?

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