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LoveMyGirls · 18/12/2006 19:20

I have a new mindee (well he's been coming for about a mth with a relative) now i have him on his own for 6hrs a day. today was the first proper day and we went out for about the first hour and a half then as soon as we got back he started to cry, he continued to cry off and on, refused lunch and eventually fell asleep and woke up in time to go home.

This meant roughly 2 hours of crying whilst i also had 2 babies to look after (feed, change and put to bed) whilst trying to reassure him, then i tried to distract him so he didn't cry and wake the babies. The more attention i gave him the more he cried and consequently woke one of the babies who wouldn't go back to sleep.

So i need advice and support to keep me strong and sane. i know this is just a phase and it will pass, i need to ride it out etc.

I can't possibly go out for the whole day (he is fine when we're out and about) because i need to be here to put both babies down for their nap plus mum picks up etc.

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LoveMyGirls · 18/12/2006 20:43


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mogs0 · 18/12/2006 21:13

Oh poor you!!

I've had one that did ad-hoc days and she was always really happy to come in to my home but would randomly start crying throughout the day. I tried to distract her with games, books etc. Then I tried to ignore it but that didn't really make much differnce either! Sorry, not being much help am I?!!

Could you ask the parents to bring a fav toy or book?

mumlove · 19/12/2006 07:58

Hope all goes well, Have you tried singing songs to block out the crying and he might start to join in! (can hope).

LoveMyGirls · 19/12/2006 08:28

i have a rough plan for today,

pick him up
go to toddler group
come back early so i can try and settle him with an activity (like jigsaws or drawing) before i start feeding the babies, sing while i feed/ change babies.
put babies down for their nap
do our lunch (which he prob wont eat)
if not raining encourage him to play in the garden (which i know he likes)
put tv on and hopefully he'll fall asleep like yesterday.

Any other ideas?

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LoveMyGirls · 19/12/2006 12:09

ok so far he did cry a fair bit at toddlers but did also join in a couple of times.

at home (he usual trigger) he whinged a bit but i distracted him with some xmas pressies his family had sent us - talked about who they were for and to put them under the tree etc then he said dad will come? in 1 minute? and i said will he? ok shall we watch tv for a little while while we wait? now hes been quiet for just over half hr and hes watched some tv and is now singing and giving me balloons..........

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/12/2006 14:05

yaaaaaaaaaaayy break thru!!..its going to be hard with this little one, you know that, but you sound like your doing everthing right and sems to be working, at least parents have kept away!

how many under 5's do you have? seem to have loads? only reg for 2 plus dd, but wanted one more but they wouldnt let me

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