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One day a week nanny wanted near Haslemere

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notnigella · 18/12/2006 19:16

Hi, I thought I had found someone to look after my 11mo ds while I study one day a week after Xmas, but she has found another job with varying days so it hasnt worked out . Am now looking for a one-day a week 'nanny' on Fridays. Also, excuse ignorance but am new to this game, what do nannies do during 2 hour naptimes?? Could I ask her to do a bit of hoovering etc, or is that not done?

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notnigella · 18/12/2006 20:30


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NannyL · 18/12/2006 20:46

would not ask nanny to do hoovering....

but doing your childs ironing... cooking a nutrituse meal.... or making up a batch of meals for the freezer would be quite reasonable...

also nanny will probably want and need to sit diwn for at least half an hour herself with her lunch

anything child related is reasonable to ask...... if you have a playroom she could sort the toys etc


notnigella · 18/12/2006 21:13

thnaks NannyL, what if the entire house is a playroom

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