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Am on holiday!!!

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ThePrisoner · 18/12/2006 14:46

Just thought I'd gloat a bit because I'm on a much-deserved two week Christmas break as of today (although not being paid!)

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3frenchHenniePennies · 18/12/2006 16:23

HUH Tis alright for some
Only another 4 days to go (not that I'm counting!!)
Enjoy your holiday.


ThePrisoner · 18/12/2006 17:11

I am ... popped into town and treated myself to a huge cappuccino ... watched film on TV ... and no toys to put away!

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santasaltire · 18/12/2006 17:34

I wish i was. Just had a nightmare day, and am ready for a break


lexiemum · 18/12/2006 18:25

have a great christmas tp.


dmo · 18/12/2006 20:30

i break up on friday till 8th Jan cant wait
and i am being paid


JoJoBrooks · 18/12/2006 21:19

i've benn off since 20th november, but sadly not a hol.
i broke my ankle, had an op and now bored at home without all my mindees around. plus my ds1 is v. bored and having the mil around all the time to help care for ds1&2 is doing my head in!!!!!
no xmas shopping done and not working again till at least 15th jan.



ThePrisoner · 18/12/2006 22:29

That's not so good - and the thought of mil being around is double ... but at least I'm not bored. I'm worried that I'll get too used to it!

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