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live - in or live- out nannies....pros and cons?

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knakered · 16/12/2006 01:45

Not sure which way to go on a live in nanny significantly cheaper?...are there other advantages/disadvantages of live in??...are you likely to get different types of nanny ie why would someone choose to live in with a family...would they be less likley to be local?

OP posts:

ljcooper3 · 16/12/2006 10:45

Yes live in nannies usually arent local and want to experience another area. Yes they are cheaper, not sure what area you are in, but in london they are around £100-£150 cheaper per week depending on what area you in.


feelingfedup · 16/12/2006 10:55

I live in London and I did not find live-in nanny cheaper - when I started looked I found they still wanted a salary pretty close to what a live-out nanny would get, plus free accomodation!!


ljcooper3 · 16/12/2006 11:36

Thats not usually how it works (what I know of). They definatly take a reduction in their salary and in return or course get a wage, but free accomodation. Have a look on the nannyjob website they have a salary/price guide for what you should be paying your nanny, live in/out and is specific to your area.


NannyL · 16/12/2006 12:20

also generally daily nannies work a 10 hour day (8 - 6 is typical) where as you can expect a live in nanny to do a slightly longer 11 hour day or sometimes even a 12 hour day (7.30 - 6.30 or 7 - 7 typically)

live in nannies do generally cost less as well... so that means their hourly rate is even lower... cause they are doing more hours for there pay!

yes a live in nanny gets food and acoomodation..... and most peopel let nanny use there internet connection with her lap top etc too!

BUT if you have a spare room anyway... then it might not be that different if you need a nanny to work long hours... i always eat meals with my charges anyway (as do many nannies.... eat what the chidlren eat!)... so a nanny working 7 - 7 you would expect her to be eating 3 meals in that time anyway, weather she was live in or live out...

you loose a bit of your privacy i suppose at the weekend... and would pay for weekend meals as well, wear as obviously a daily nanny would not eat with you at the weekends!

also a live in nanny would have every right to use your house as there home during the weekend (not confined to their room etc)...

but equally, especially if not local, depending on the nanny you may find that she spends several weekends away seeing her friends etc, so then you would not be providing meals / having her in your home etc...

but thats up to the nanny... so that would be how the nanny choses rather than you the employer IUSWIM!

obviously if you have a self contained flat as part of yuor house a nanny would not be in your space during weekends either.

what i mean is live in nannies do earn a bit less... but if you as an employer need long hours... and have a free spare room... then you save money as well... cause nanny will eat at yours 5 days a week anyway, live in or live out, and the longer hours means she will need more meals... and the pay for a 12 hour daily nanny is a lot more than for a live in nanny!

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