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DD doesn't like new nanny

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martini · 14/12/2006 00:14

DD (2.5) has started saying she doesn't like our new nanny and that she misses the temporary one we had in the summer (who only looked after her for 12 days over a period of 15 weeks).
I have lots of confidence in new nanny, DS (4) likes her & her references were really good & all said that the children liked her.
Has anyone experienced this? Do you think its just a reaction to the change of circumstances/ style of nanny?

What's the best way to deal with it with aim of keeping new nanny.

OP posts:

S88AHG · 14/12/2006 10:29

I think maybe your DD is just trying you out, if your older daughter likes her then I wouldnt worry too much, maybe she does things differently to the summer nanny,children are good at making you feel bad for leaving them!!!! Always remember that!!!


uwila · 14/12/2006 10:47

Soundds like typical 2 year old behavior. She probably doesn't like her just because the 4 year old does. I would just make it clear that the nanny is lovely and she's staying. Maybe the 3 year old could do with some one on one bonding time with nanny? Though if the 4 year old is in school I guess she probably already gets that.


martini · 15/12/2006 02:27

Thanks for answers.

I agree new nanny is quite different from temp one - which is why I chose her. Summer one was lovely but not very good at discipline, which was okay with DD who is pretty easy going but was a bit of an issue with DS who is quite a handful. New one seems to be firm but fair & its a relief to get home & not be greeted by DS running around being madly silly and over excited.

Think DD may also be reacting to the chopping and changing i.e. have unavoidably had 2 changes of childcarer in 6 months.

Do you think I should mention it to new nanny (in a kind of supportive "I know she's said this but don't worry about it" way) or just leave it to see if it settles down?

OP posts:

uwila · 15/12/2006 10:03

Yes, I deffo think nanny would appreciate knowing she your confidence and your support. These things are all too often not said.


mogs0 · 17/12/2006 23:02

Totally agree with last post! It's really good to know that parents are supporting you!

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