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Childminders and dogs?

9 replies

Haily111 · 13/12/2006 14:35

Hello this is my question are childminders aloud to have a dog in the house and if so is there a restriction on what breeds/size?

Thank you

OP posts:

santasaltire · 13/12/2006 14:36

Yes CM's are allowed to have dogs, and to my knowledge there is no restriction as to size. I would imagine though that dangerous breeds aren't allowed. I CM and i have a dog


Haily111 · 13/12/2006 14:37

Thanks for that may i ask what kind of dog you have? (sorry to be nosey :-)

OP posts:

santasaltire · 13/12/2006 14:49

I have a Border Collie, in fact up until July, i had two. Are you wondering as a CM or as a parent?


Haily111 · 13/12/2006 14:52

As a parent. Sorry i know you probably think i am completely daft. I start work again in Jan, my dd will be 7 months. My CM has an alsation, she is only 4 months old but has very big feet, so is going to be pretty big, i am just worried as lately there have been a lot of dog attacks...

OP posts:

santasaltire · 13/12/2006 14:59

Your prospective CM should have showed you her Polices and Procedures. In it should be a policy for the dog.
It must be ok, and her policies must be otherwise she wouldn't have got her registration. Aske her about it, she honestly won't mind. Need to run and get to school now


S88AHG · 13/12/2006 16:08

I also have a dog and am a CM I keep him away from the children who dont like dogs initially and always away when they are eating. My dog however is so lazy all he does is curl up and go to sleep so doent bother with the kids


BabyFox · 15/12/2006 13:32

I'm a childminder with a king charles spaniel. He's 6 years old and sleeps all day !!!

As a parent as well though I wouldn't send my child to a childminder with a puppy! Calling kettle black but when would they train it? A puppy needs lots of attention and just put out of the way would only make it more bouncy and wanting attention when let out of the room, just my thoughts though. I walk my dog at 7am and when the children go home, and have a separate section in the garden which the kids don't go in for the dog, yes he comes in the room adn like said sleep under table all day unless moved out the way hehe!!!



NannyL · 15/12/2006 18:27

at my charges school several of the teachers bring their dogs to work with them.... the dogs raom freely in and out of the classrooms... or go off for walks by themselves together (the dogs are friends! lol)

the teachers can shut them out if they want to... (like at meal times)but the dogs spend alot of time in with he children..

the children love them )there a few quite big dogs (ie a male labrador)) ad 2 of the dogs seemt o love the nrasry best (ie the 2 - 3 year olds...

so im sure CMs can have dogs!


Cwmbranchildminder · 15/12/2006 22:51

Im a CM with a king charles spaniel & I always ask the parents there thought of my dog mixing with the children. My dog has a seperate garden to the children which I believe is a MUST for safety to the children.
There is one breed of dog that you cant have as a cm in Wales but cant remember which one it was.
As a CM I keep my dog in a seperate room from Kids most of the day and allow him in for short periods as the children love him. The issue with some dogs are the hairs and thats why I dont allow my dog in all day as i would forever be hoovering.
Speak to your CM.
Mind you I dont have a sepereate policy just for my dog so she may not either.

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