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Live-in au pair portuguese speaker - london

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aniccas123 · 08/12/2006 15:56

Due to unexpected personal circumstances I have to unfortunately let go of my live-in au pair.
She is Portuguese 19 years old and being taken care on a full time basis of my 15 months old baby for the last 6 months. She will be available from January onwards, if anyone is really interested please reply.

OP posts:
Mojomummy · 09/12/2006 19:49

Does she want to stay in London ?

aniccas123 · 10/12/2006 18:59

Hi Mojomumy,
Yes she would like to stay in london otherwise she will on her holiday Xmas and stay in portugal.
Her main draw back is not speakingvery good english as we are a portuguese family...

OP posts:
Mojomummy · 10/12/2006 19:31

ok thanks - I am in Berkshire, so no good.

MrsRecycle · 11/12/2006 19:04

Hi mojomummy - how are you? If you need help/list of questions/etc I am a well established AuPair expert (just check the archives) so give me a call or email me.

Aniccas123 - I may be interested - I've cat'd you.

MrsRecycle · 11/12/2006 19:18

Oops Aniccas123 I've tried to enrol to CAT but I can't get seem to be able to get it process my credit card transaction. Do you have an email address as I may be interested - we live in West London?

Mojomummy · 11/12/2006 19:44

Hi Mrs Recycle ! I e-mailed you the other day (well I think I did) I got a text from you ref the mumenet meetup, but as I don't know how to use my phone, I got it about 2 weeks late !

I sent the girl I am interested lots of info & she hasn't got back to me since...fingers crossed she will.

Let me know if you got my e-mail

MrsRecycle · 11/12/2006 21:05

Oh I'll check my email. I have a standard list of questions which I used to send off and wait for replies and it was surprising the amount of people that didn't bother to reply (even to say they weren't interested). I'll email you though!

Mojomummy · 11/12/2006 21:37

where did you find them all ? I am after a spanish girl, hopeing DD1 can learn from her !

aniccas123 · 13/12/2006 10:42

Hi MrsRecycle

But could you have a placement for Paula? She's looking to start in january...

OP posts:
aniccas123 · 13/12/2006 21:21

My email is [email protected]

OP posts:
MrsRecycle · 14/12/2006 15:40

have just emailed you - yes January is when we need someone.

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