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Help ! Just found out new helper is a thief.

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mrsSnoah · 06/12/2006 23:41

Have just hired a teenager to help me out at home a few days a week with the kids and have been told by a reliable source that she is well and truly bad news.

She was caught stealing, and has some very dodgy mates too.

What do I say? How do I get rid of her without making this a potentially messy situation?

Wasnt very impressed at the way she was around my kids anyway.

OP posts:

LadyOfThePoinsettias · 06/12/2006 23:53

oh no mrs.n.
i dont know, how awful.


nannynick · 06/12/2006 23:55

It will depend on the contract - if there is one! As you say you are not that impressed with the way she is around the children, use that as the lever to not have her back. You don't need to mention anything about the other subject. However a word of caution... do not always believe what others may say about a person (they could have a motive of which you are not aware), so make up your own mind about if you can trust this person with your children, or not.


mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:02

nannynick, I instinctively dont like her.

She was showing my kids stuff that I dont approve of on the computer and turned it off quickly when I came in.
I cannot think of any reason why my source would have a motive for this. Have thought and thought.
This helper came recommended by a friend who uses her a lot.

There is no contract except verbal. I said we could try it out for a wk.

Am worried that this may have repurcussions now.

OP posts:

ScummyMummy · 07/12/2006 00:02

Agree with nannynick. I'd suggest disregarding the gossip and giving her a chance- it's hard getting to know kids, especially if you are inexperienced and nervous about a new job and she may improve over the next week or so. Judge her as open mindedly as you can on how she is with the kids maybe and if she is not good enough after a fair trial give her the heave ho. But there are malicious people about and this may be just a nasty rumour. She may just surprise you if you give her the opportunity. [hopeful emoticon]


ScummyMummy · 07/12/2006 00:03

x post. Hard if you don't like her. Why don't you give it the week at least though, if that's what you agreed?


expatinscotland · 07/12/2006 00:07

I am going to become a thief.

A legal one. Going to go into politics.


nannynick · 07/12/2006 00:09

Give it the week. On last day hold a review, discuss any concerns you have (things you have witnessed such as computer usage) to see what reaction is. Depending on how you feel after discussing it, decide if you will try another few days trial, or if it isn't working out and you should part company.

Ultimately you need to trust anyone who is caring for your children, so if you feel you can't trust them, you should allow them to try new opportunities elsewhere.


mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:13

I knew someone once years ago, was kind to them and she robbed me badly, sneaky with it too. Even nicked all our cd's out of their cases so I didnt notice for ages and lots more!

I know that the police were involved with this girl over the theft.
Feel a bit anxious now.How can I trust her? I will be checking my purse all the time.

Expat cant sleep again eh?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 07/12/2006 00:14

Same shit, different day!


mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:14

Nannynick you should be a diplomat!!
'allow them to try new opportunities elsewhere!'

OP posts:

mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:14

What happened today then?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 07/12/2006 00:15

Even worse, some nugget had The Pussycat Dolls 'Doncha' blasting on his iPod on the bus home, and now I've got 'Doncha wish your girlfriend was fun like me, doncha wish your girlfriend was raw like me . . . ' running thru my head.

I hope his girlfriend's a blow up doll.


mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:22

Oh GREAT ! Thanks expat..... so do I now .

I thought only 9 yr old girls listened to that on their Ipods?

Where are you an expat from ?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 07/12/2006 00:29

I'm an AMerican expat and naturalised Brit, married to a Scotsman and the mother of two Scots children, the elder of whom can speak and now asks, 'Why you talk that way, Mummy?'


mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:35

Ah I see.
What constitutes a naturalised Brit?

Is there a test ? example test...

a) have you swum in the North sea yet?
b) do you prefer fish and chips/pie and peas?
c) do you know what a dunny is?
d) is it pants or trousers?

Ironic, my dh works in the US.

OP posts:

mrsSnoah · 07/12/2006 00:36

thats why you are still awake then.. your time clock is naturally behind!

OP posts:
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