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any cm's registered with

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Cwmbranchildminder · 05/12/2006 20:21

Is anyone else registered with the below to earn extra cash?
I signed up with them but they want a lot of references and contact details (seem more strict than the CM regisration process)
Was thinking this could be a way to earn extra cash but seems more hassle than its worth??
Any thoughtS?

OP posts:

badgerhead · 06/12/2006 09:36

I have been with Sitters for over 5 years now, I sit when I'm available, but if you can't do a fewe weeks there is no pressure, just let them know you're not available for those dates.
Most of the work is for Friday & Saturday nights with several regular families plus some weekdays.
Pay is better on a Saturday or for Christmas Eve, New Years Eve.
This time of the year is always busy & then it quietens down during February. Often busy again from Easter to end June & then quieter for July & August.
If a family likes you they can ask for you again & you will then get first offer of their bookings. I have a good relationship with several families now through this, sitting for one tonight lol.

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