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CM - corrent ettiquette for christmas presents?

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notsonervousmum · 04/12/2006 20:28

Hi, my LO has been going to a CM for the last few months, one day a week. What's the 'correct' ettiquette re christmas presents? Ie. do i buy one for her to say thankyou, or get her little boy one, or both or none of the above?! Thanks in advance, NSNM x

OP posts:

dmo · 04/12/2006 21:18

if u want to get a present i would get your cm one, children get loads at christmas
but it is not an unspoken rule that u have to get anything just if you can afford it


notsonervousmum · 04/12/2006 21:42

Thanks. I just have to suss out what to get her now, seeing as i don't know her very well. Any suggestions?

OP posts:

Katymac · 04/12/2006 21:44

Some people buy me a new toy or book for the playroom - I love that

DD reg get a hand knitted top - which she really treasures

I hate wine/choc/biscuit & that's what I get most of


dmo · 05/12/2006 09:53

but i love wine/choc/biscuits

everyones different


Rookietherednosedreindeer · 05/12/2006 16:44

Ok I got told off for suggesting I get my CM M&S vouchers as apparently its dull & dowdy, I have got her Debenhams ones instead, do you think thats ok ?( if not then its too late anyway !)


happybiggirl · 05/12/2006 16:48

Message withdrawn


pena · 05/12/2006 17:03

Anyone read "The Nanny Diaries"? Well in the book, nanny anxiously awaits her X'mas present seeing as how the doorman, the masseuse and the tennis instructor and everyone remotely related to her boss - all got great presents or money (this is New York after all). The fateful day arrives and all she gets are these horrid ear mufflers that appear to be a "re-gift" even.

Flowers and chocs are "nice" (at least the sentiments appear nice) but not nearly as nice as gift vouchers. These are I think the best way to go. She gets to choose what she really likes, and will find useful.


santasaltire · 05/12/2006 17:11

Last year i got from one set of mindees a big basket filled with aromatherapy candles, oils, bath gel etc and a fabric covered jewellery box.
From second lot of mindees i got a hot water bottle, a big box of heroes, a box of rose petal flakes for the bath and a book. From third lot of mindees i got nothing, haven't since i started with them. however they always buy the boys a selection box.
In prevous years i have received wine, chocs, poinsettia plant, biscuits, candles etc.
I think it's lovely that they think of me when they all have so many others to buy for. have to say would love some vouchers though


TheIronLady · 06/12/2006 00:12

Rookietherednosedreindeer - I don't see what's dull amd dowdy about M&S vouchers, my sis gets me them every year - Debenhams vouchers sound nice too.

notsonervousmum - my most memorable pressie was being given a Cyclamen plant by a mindee who was about 2.5 at the time - she seemed so proud of herself to have remembered the name of it as she handed it to me

I am really, really fussy about my coffee - one of my mindees parents knew this so when she went away for a few days, she brought me back a nice rich blend of coffee - I really did appreciate the thought that she had put into that

I don't always receive a xmas pressie from my mindees parents and don't expect one!

happybiggirl - flowers with a nice card


mogs0 · 17/12/2006 23:55

I recently had a 2 month temp baby and at the end the mum said she wanted to get me a gift but couldn't decide between paying for a massage for me or tickets for a show for me and my ds! I was so touched that she'd thought about it even.

I think I would prefer their money to be spent on themselves or their children as I and my ds get so much from my family at Christmas. Maybe make a donation to a charity.

I do think M&S vouchers are a good choice as you have more choice on what to spend them on ie, clothes, house stuff, yummy food!!


Cwmbranchildminder · 18/12/2006 11:20

i bought mt sons cm a vase when he use to go to her as well as m&s buscuits.
any present is nice as its the thought that counts

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