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Childcare Vouchers - Fair Care

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nannynick · 02/12/2006 10:40

I am amazed... this month is the first time that I've been paid via Childcare Vouchers, and it has happened without any major hitches. Is this a first?

Company doing the voucher redemption is Fair Care (no, I hadn't heard of them before either).

To start it was not looking good:

  • no free-phone number
  • no business reply envelopes
  • registration form you had to send to them (with you providing the envelope and stamp)

However, as long as the Parent selects the Electronic Pay option, it then seems to go well:

  • got letter in post confirming my registration
  • got e-mail confirming payment
  • checked my bank balance, and payment was there!

So looks as if Fair Care have the electronic payment side of things working well... though they need to still work on how providers contact them at zero cost. Maybe I expect too much, though I did think these schemes shouldn't cost providers.
OP posts:

goldenoldie · 04/12/2006 19:18

Must be a first - congratulations!!!

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