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Help - Choosing a childminder!

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nicoloola · 30/11/2006 18:47

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice, as I'm currently so stressed out I can hardly think straight. We've been looking for a childminder for about 5 weeks, and had finally found one, who then told us that someone else had contacted her, and that she may go with them instead. I then began looking again, and found another couple. We have the problem that we need the childminder to be flexible, and I want to be as sure as possible that my dd will go for the forseeable future.
We now have two choices, one of whom is a neighbour who is a great childminder and can be flexible, commit to long-term, so local school runs, take my 4 year old to and from school too if necessary, but has a 7 month old spaniel who plays around the children. I'm worried that a baby coming in to the house will be a problem (is used to 1 year old and above). The other minder is lovely but wants full pay for the whole year (we have 13 weeks holiday as teachers, and the other minder will take a half retainer for hols), and is unsure about her situation regarding the future, she is thinking about moving, and would almost certainly not do local school drops when my dd is ready to go to nursery......... WHAT should I do???????

OP posts:

pen73 · 30/11/2006 18:53

I think you are right to have fears about the dog as it's just a puppy and this is not an area where you can take any risks. The second option also complicated - it seems harsh to ask you for the full year up front if she's not willing to commit herself. It also sounds like she doesn't quite meet your needs. I hate to say this but perhaps you need to keep looking. It's so tough I know but it's not an area you can really compromise on.

Good luck!


smeeinit · 30/11/2006 21:38

can you voice your concerns to the cm with regard to her dog? she may be able to keep the dog away from your dd while she is there.
i personally would not see teh dog as aproblem atall,but thats just me.!
im a cm and welcome any concerns froma prospective parent and i always do my absolute best to accomodate,but again thats just me!


smeeinit · 30/11/2006 21:39

god my spelling was shocking on that last post!!


dmo · 30/11/2006 21:50

the neighbour sounds the best choice maybe if your a teacher and can do school hours that the cm could keep the dog in another room away from the children, maybe let it out for a run when your dd is asleep!

have a chat if shes not willing to remove the dog well then i think you should start to look again the other cm is not ideal for you


Cwmbranchildminder · 30/11/2006 22:10

Im a cm with a dog (king charles spaniel) and my dog is kept out in kitchen most of the day. At any appointments with parents i always ask them their views on dogs and do they mind if the dog comes in the room at times. Thats what that cm should do also = not everyone likes dogs and some children may have alergies and also the hairs would be an issue as im forever hoovering. Have a word with the cm and im sure she can set you straight on her dog rules


happynappy · 05/12/2006 23:12

Neighbour no contest. You know her,she's on your doorstep and to know her is the most valuable thing of all. It takes pot luck out the equation. Believe me it can be really hard to work out if the CM is the right one for you if you've hardly met before. Good luck.

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