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Surestart Childcare Registration

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Annner · 27/11/2006 21:23

There have been a fair few threads lately on how long enhanced CRB checks have taken to come back through the Surestart registration scheme for nannies.

If anyone else is currently waiting... our nanny's CRB and registration number have just come back - a mere sixteen weeks after her interview.

Is this a record?

We called the registration people after fourteen weeks, and they were able to chase up the CRB, which then came through a few days later. Apparently the police had been sitting on the file. All most annoying, as she has had hundreds of checks in the past, has lived at the same address for yonks, and is generally very tracable. Grrrrr. Oh, and we have had childcare vouchers piling up on DH's account that we cannot use while steadily getting more broke (I am currently only on SMP) She now only has to get her number from Accor, and we are off.

And breathe.....


OP posts:

NannyL · 27/11/2006 21:39

i sent mine off 4 weeks ago... and had it back last friday... so took less than 4 weeks!

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