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CM CLUB: Overnight tomorrow night and she's chocka full of cold / cough8-(

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StrawberryMoon · 22/11/2006 16:11

so is my whos taking guesses on how much sleep I'M getting tomorrow night!

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LoveMyGirls · 22/11/2006 18:23

im saying 2hrs - poor you!!!! i hope you're getting paid alot!!!! have you got to work on friday too - so i htink you said she's staying til 4pm is that right?

LoveMyGirls · 22/11/2006 18:23

make sure you get an early night tonight

StrawberryMoon · 22/11/2006 19:18

shes staying until 4.30pm friday!
and shes not a 'sleeper'!
plus, wont be able to moan to you lot cos shell be in here in ready bed!

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StrawberryMoon · 23/11/2006 08:51

here we go!..dd up most of night coughing..much worse today than yesterday, mindee 1 coughing and sneezing mum pushed all kind of medicaines at me just now..mindee 2 at emergency doc last night??..but on way it gunna be A DAY??

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LoveMyGirls · 23/11/2006 21:40

how was it, is it going well?

StrawberryMoon · 24/11/2006 08:50

well they coughed and snotted all day..mindee was dropping of about 5pm(she usually has a sleep but i kept her up[grin)) them bathed and she thought she had to go straight to bed! she was v.pleased when i said they could go back down stairs for 1/2 hour!..watched scooby doo, then dd said bedtime!...mindee in bed first(she was dying to go cos she has disney pricess covers, read her a story, one more trip to loo, put dd to bed, read story, checked on mindee.........OUT FOR THE COUNT!...7.30!!!!!!!!!

coughed a little through night but stayed there until 6.30 this morn!..dd on other hand was awake most of night coughing so i slept on her floor next to her..well actually, no sleep!..but never mind, could have been worse could have been mindee up too!

so would def do it again!

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StrawberryMoon · 24/11/2006 16:43


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StrawberryMoon · 24/11/2006 16:43

? dont know what happed to half the page there??

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LoveMyGirls · 24/11/2006 18:08

lol, bottle of wine anyone?

StrawberryMoon · 24/11/2006 21:55

jeepers yes please..just got back from doing weeks shopping too!!!!!!!

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