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South Woodford/Woodford Green: calling host families and APs

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happynappy · 20/11/2006 20:43

Hi, if you're an AP or a host family reading this then please post as I'm hoping my AP will start in January and I'd like to think she could make a few local friends...not quite as altruistic as it sounds as I'm hoping this way she'll stay...

OP posts:

sarz · 21/11/2006 13:39

i am not an ap, but i am a nanny and i also know quite a few other nannies, i dont mind making a new friend!!


sarz · 21/11/2006 13:40

ps, i also know alot of other non ap/nannies but who are from different countries!


happynappy · 21/11/2006 14:08

Thanks Sarz, where are you a nanny? can you leave your email or number here? then i can call you.

OP posts:

happynappy · 24/11/2006 23:49


OP posts:

sarz · 27/11/2006 15:17

hey, sorry not been online for a while! my mob: 07877153283, i'm in buckhurst hill!


happynappy · 28/11/2006 14:18

Thanks Sarz, will call you in a few days. What's your real name?

OP posts:

sarz · 28/11/2006 17:22

sarah, i wasnt very imaginative when thinking up my nickname!!

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