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CM Club - advice on woking with another CM

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Saz73 · 20/11/2006 09:36

Advice please ....... a friend and I have been talking about childminding together. We are both registered CM's but she's not done minding for quite a few years but has kept all paperwork/inspections up to date. Majority of the childmindng would be taking place at my house has anyone got/had experience of doing this?

How would you split things like bills etc?

OP posts:
Katymac · 20/11/2006 12:35

It's complicated - do you to cat me?

Saz73 · 20/11/2006 12:47

complicated!!!! Yes I will cat you.

OP posts:
dmo · 20/11/2006 14:51

i know 2 cm who cm together
they can only cm in the one house and if the cm who lives at the house gives up the other cm would have to re reg

Katymac · 20/11/2006 16:33

I emailed you back


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