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CM Club - Nursery Pickups

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Saz73 · 17/11/2006 07:00

Hi, I've been looking after a 3yr mindee for over 8 mths now and parent is trying to get him in to nursery in the morning. It's drop off at 8.45 and pickup at 12. The only prob I have is that DS goes to a different nurery (approx 1 mile away) and is same drop off times. I've spoke to parent and told her my situation and she said it wouldn't matter if mindee is late. I have also mentioned that there is spaces at same nuresry as DS but she is not interested.

I'm a person who prefers to be at places early instead of late and it doesn't look particular good if I'm dropping mindee off late all the time.

What would you do?

OP posts:
Katymac · 17/11/2006 09:08

I would ask the mum to write a note to the nursery to say that you will be dropping off at XX each day (and put a time a bit later than you will be dropping at) - that way they know it is prearranged and you will be slightly early

What about pick ups?

CwmbranChildminder · 17/11/2006 09:18

wouldnt u have to pick one of them up late too? nurseries wont like it as they have routines.

Saz73 · 17/11/2006 09:38

sorry forgot to mention that. Yes both finish at 12. Really not sure what to do. thnink going to have to chat to parent again I don't think it's fair on either child to be late.

OP posts:
CwmbranChildminder · 17/11/2006 10:16

yeah Id def advice parents your not happy with the situation and to ask them to see if they can get there child in afternoons and then there will be no issue of being in 2places at same time!

Katymac · 17/11/2006 10:37

Not a good idea then Nurseries will not (usually) be flexible about pick ups so one child will miss out by being picked up early

ayla99 · 17/11/2006 10:44

It sounds like mum hasn't thought this through. The nursery is likely to have a high late collection fee if her child is collected late and the staff won't take kindly to not being able to start their lunch break/go home/prepare for afternoon session etc.

I would also talk to her about how this will affect her child - its not nice being last one in every day. For example, they may have a self-registration scheme or the children may have had a circle time or started a group activity by the time you arrive. Its much easier to settle into a larger group if they are arriving with other children. And its not nice having your friends go home and be waiting to be collected every day. He's unlikely to be a happy chappie by the time you get there.

Be firm, you've every right to say NO to this arrangement.

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