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how much for a mothers help/ nanny???

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generaldogsbody1 · 16/11/2006 20:37

How much should I expect to pay for a part time (two or three days pw) nanny or mothers help???

This will be for 3 dcs. I'm totally clueless on this, can't afford a private nursery grrr!

OP posts:

generaldogsbody1 · 16/11/2006 20:38

I shold add, i live in scotland near loch lomond, if area makes a difference in rates??

OP posts:

NannyL · 16/11/2006 20:55

if it were full tiem up there i would guess a inimun of £250 nett per week for a 5 day week (as oppossed to £300 + nett per week doen in the southerner areas of england, (even more for london)

250 nett per week works out at approx £346 gross per week, so 3/5 of that is about £207 gross per week for 3 days
as its pottienally a nanny share, (so nanny can work 5 days ansd have enough £ to live, ie work with another family for 2 days) normally add a little more, maybe £210 - £220 gross per week?


NannyL · 16/11/2006 20:56

that would eb for a nanny by the way... who would need if you wanted her to have sole charge... you would pay a motehrs help less, obvioulsy! but would not expect her to have sole charge of 3 children for long if at all

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