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no payment since september - not parents fault.

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zoeuk1 · 15/11/2006 14:37

just wondered what i can do about this. i look after a child for an hour after school 3 days a week while his mum is at college. the college are supposed to pay me 85% of the childcare fees. i filled out the relevant forms and the parent handed it in. ive had no payment from the college since the beginning of sept. the childs mum keeps going in, to ask whats happening etc and the woman who deals with payments always seems to be away. shall i contact the ncma and ask for advice. it isnt a great deal of money but its the principle. everyone else pays me in advance.

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dmo · 15/11/2006 14:38

i would
i lost alot of money resently
phone college yourself


zoeuk1 · 15/11/2006 14:39

i think i will. soon i'll have to put another invoice in for next term. thay are supposed to pay me termly.

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3sEnough · 15/11/2006 14:40

I would also contact the principal of the college just to ensure that the 'woman who is always away's boss is aware that there is a big problem too. I am not sure whether this shouldn't be being done by your 'employer' though so I would have a chat and discuss - you must be paid. Have a look on the college website and see who you/employer can talk to.


dmo · 15/11/2006 19:59

what happened to me is that college paid the student and the student spent it


StrawberryMoon · 15/11/2006 22:03

i have student mum who pays me at start of week and claims it back herself


CwmbranChildminder · 15/11/2006 22:18

surely the mum will be claiming it and she has to use that to pay you - like tax credits?
R u sure she isnt taking u for a ride.
I would demand the money and she should pay out of her money = u may think thats not fair - but then its not fair on you too.
Think u need to sort this out asap or it could get a lot more money owing to u


zoeuk1 · 16/11/2006 10:43

im going to speak to her today. im going to ask her for the phone number for the department i need to ring at the college. i think ive waited long enough now.

OP posts:

dmo · 16/11/2006 13:56

good on you


StrawberryMoon · 16/11/2006 15:38

how'd it go?


zoeuk1 · 16/11/2006 20:24

i asked her if she's heard anything from the college, and she said no. i told her that i'll call them and she said ok. i'll ring the college tomorrow and ask them whats going on.

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zoeuk1 · 17/11/2006 11:45

i rang college today and apparently they cant find any invoice! the woman who deals with payments if off until tuesday. this is so annoying. would the ncma be able to give me advice because the college are not paying me.

OP posts:

ayla99 · 17/11/2006 15:48

Can you fax or email them a copy of the invoice today? If not post a copy/reminder asap. My mum is self-employed (not cm) and gets this all the time. Drives her round the bend. The only answer seems to be to bombard them with phone calls til they pay you.

If you have any trouble getting hold of this woman on Tue ask that the head contacts you urgently. Make it clear that late payments will lead to the withdrawal of the childcare place and give them a deadline to pay by.

I think I would phone this woman every time I sent her an invoice to check she has read it & then send her a reminder anyway.

Are you charging a late payment fee?

Good luck.


zoeuk1 · 17/11/2006 18:54

no im not charging a late payment fee.i'll ring her on tuesday if she doesnt ring me.

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