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quick question

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wantaliein · 14/11/2006 23:19

trying to do my accounts for first time , been told I need to pay class 2 NI contributions. Do you put these on your weekly allowable expenses? Yawn- sorry probably been asked 100 times before.

OP posts:

wantaliein · 14/11/2006 23:20

I am a childminder

OP posts:

ayla99 · 15/11/2006 08:14

I was told we're not allowed to put tax or NI as an expense because these are the childminder's personal expenses not the childminding business's expenses.


Katymac · 15/11/2006 08:24

You put them in at the end of the year (if I remember right)


Twoandabump · 15/11/2006 08:33

No, as a childminder you cannot claim them back against tax etc. You just have to pay them!

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