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CM CLUB: B & C Insurance

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StrawberryMoon · 13/11/2006 19:09

had nightmare with existing company, so went onto NCMA website and found link to thier recomended insurance people 'Homeminder'..they have been fab in particular a girl called Michelle who has been in touch as and when i have needed for about 5 weeks now!
she gaveme the quote which was quite reasonable, but cos existing companya re charging me £50 to cancel..asked her if she could do anything???....she said she would knock off the admin fe and the legal cover (as, i already have this with my std NCMA ins)..taking it down way past the £50 if you need to change..give them a ring/email and ask for michelle!

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StrawberryMoon · 13/11/2006 19:40

!!..and just rang old insurance to cancell and im only being charged £11.38!!!

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smeeinit · 13/11/2006 22:43

good info strawb my insur for home and car due for renewal so have emailed for quote from home/car minder. see what they come up with!

StrawberryMoon · 14/11/2006 12:43

theyll ring you soon then, theyre fab!..good luck!

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