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Top tips please: How do I pick the right au pair from websites?

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happynappy · 12/11/2006 08:48

OK, I've got my profile up on Au Pair World and have seen some au pairs I like the look of who say they're interested. But then: either they don't reply when I email them with further questions or I don't know how to make sure they're not mad, bad or addicted to something when they're living in another country. (naturally being British I don't speak another language fluently enough). Top tips please/past experiences on how pick a good 'un and make the initial contact useful without putting girls off.

OP posts:
NannyL · 12/11/2006 11:10

wouldnt worry about offending them.... especially with 1st email.... if they even be bothered to respond to an email, i guess they may not be the type of person u would wnat living in your house!

happynappy · 12/11/2006 23:04

Not worried about offending them, but would like tips from those who've successfully picked the right au pair (preferably a few times in a row)! Seriously any thoughts?

OP posts:
cloudberry · 13/11/2006 13:28

Have you looked at the au pair employers thread? It's been started to help with all manners of queries re aps and you might find something there that helps.

syrup · 13/11/2006 15:01

I went round in circles with ap world had tons of applications but no follow up my Gumtree ad worked far better but then I am probably the worst person to give advise as I chose our AP because she had a very kind face!!!!!!! (and I'm planning on becoming a science teacher!! very scientific) Luckily it worked shes been with us for 3 months the kids love her (after initially bullying her to bits) and you would hardly know she's in the house (except that it is now vacuumed and free from laundry) so a kind face goes a long way!!

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