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CM CLUB:..My first Official Day 8-) and have two mindees to pick up at 9.15!

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StrawberryMoon · 06/11/2006 08:17

so am taking dd to school then meeting each parent at armed with double buggy and am ready for a very full but fun day!

got sofa being delivered today too, so will have to think of things to keep them entertained in house/garden...please dont rain!

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BabyFox · 06/11/2006 13:30

Yeah!! Enjoy your first day!!

Not raining here hope not for you, typical that you have to stay in for a soa on nice day like this!!

Wonders'' how many times tell mindies not to jump on sofa hehe


StrawberryMoon · 06/11/2006 16:06

what a fab mindee is an abslute ray of sunshine and brought out the best in other mindee..feel like day has flown and have been running around everywhere with them!(flipping heck, didnt know pushing them both in the double buggy was gunna be so tough!)..first mindee here for 1/2 hour now then she off home too..shes even eaten ALL her meal, and lots of fruit like dd and new mindee today!..fab all round

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smeeinit · 06/11/2006 16:16

glad you having a good day strawb and long may it continue!
go girl go!


StrawberryMoon · 06/11/2006 17:11

thanks..all gone totally shatterd but had lots of fun and older mindees mum wasa lot more forth coming tonight(still stayed 1/2 hour later than pick up, but will sort another day)

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