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Childcare query - going back to work. What if I can't pick DD up on time?

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plibble · 04/11/2006 19:31

I am going back to work soon and DD will be attending nursery full time. I have arranged with my employer that I will be leaving by 5 every day to pick her up, but I am concerned that on occasion I may end up running late or get stuck because of the trains and not be able to pick her up on time.

I don't have any local family members who can help out. What do people do in these situations? Could I book a childminder to collect her if necessary (e.g. pay a weekly fee to have one on standby or something)? Are there any other options?

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 04/11/2006 19:39

you need to speak to nursery and explain how far you are travelling and ask what their procedure they close at 5.30?..if not im sure as long as you gave them a quick call when running late, they wont turf your LO out and will just charge you extra next payday


vitomum · 04/11/2006 19:43

my nursery has a fine system if you are there after 6. It has ony happened to me once by a couple of minutes. They didn't say anything and were good natured about it (i was practically having a nervous breakdown however!).

I think if lateness was a regular thing they would use the fines.

good luck with going back to work


USAUKMum · 04/11/2006 19:49

Our nursery charged something outrageous like £5 every 5 min you were late. Even on the first time. So when I was working it was DH responsibility to pick up as he was a 35 min drive away while I was usually either in London (subject to whim of a train) or at client site about 1hr 30min away.

Every nursery is different.

Our CM was different however, and didn't mind the occasional being late.


threebob · 04/11/2006 19:53

I reckon they will charge you a fine - I saw one nursery where it was payable to the member of staff who stayed which seemed a good idea. It will be encouragement not to run late, obviously you can't do anything about the trains.

One of the mothers at ds's nursery was always late (sometime up to an hour) because she was just disorganised - she was late for work too. They charged her for the whole day when she did it.


plibble · 04/11/2006 20:15

That's great - I don't mind paying a fine, I just want to know that DD is well taken care of (as I can imagine I will be having a nervous breakdown about being late). There is no way I will be staying even 5 minutes late at the office and hopefully the trains won't cause too many problems. If it turns out that I am late a lot, then I guess I will need to find a childminder who does evening babysitting.

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 04/11/2006 22:54

youll be able to find that, esp ones just starting like me, more unusual hours are ideal for newbies then we can help where other CM's wouldnt

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