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star1976 · 04/11/2006 17:11

Have recently registered as a childminder but there is little or no work out there at the moment from what I can gather (am advertising EVERYWHERE but not even getting enquiries). So have started a weekend job cause we need the money and it is the first time I have been away from my 8 month old boy for so long and it was awful. Missed my 8 year old daughter too of course. Just got home and baby is asleep and so want to give him a cuddle (but obviously not selfish enough to wake him for one)! I HATE BEING AWAY FROM HIM SO LONG! (Although clearly I find the odd night out with friends quite acceptable). Really hope the childminding picks up soon!

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LoveMyGirls · 04/11/2006 17:26

i had to do this when i started out too, its just a short term thing so try to be patient and it will come, have you signed up with the childcare link? i've had quite a few enquiries from them.


star1976 · 04/11/2006 20:39

I really am trying everything!
Even put an advert in the 'News Shopper' but have had no response. Hope it happens soon cause I am dreading another day at 'work' tomorrow. Would much rather be with my kids (and even I never thought I would say that)!

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