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Another question for you lovely people - contracts and "casual" minding

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MiaOUCHthatHURT · 03/11/2006 18:35

Am going through the process of becoming a childminder atm (awaiting first visit by Care Commission). Where I live (isolated Scottish village) I think there will be a lot of demand for part-time care, and possibly on a casual basis, something I am quite willing to do. Obviously, there will need to be a contract between myself and any parents - but have you any advice on drawing up such a contract when hours may not be regular? I'm thinking in particular of settling in periods and termination of contract notices - difficult to put a time on these I guess.

Any other hints on "casual" minding would be most welcome

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MiaOUCHthatHURT · 03/11/2006 19:11


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gooseegg · 03/11/2006 20:25

Give each set of parents/carers a copy of your policies and information setting out all your terms and conditions, policies(including full settling-in policy), expectations etc stating that you will provide childcare to meet the National standards for under 8's care.

Ask them to sign a slip saying they have received and understood it.

If it is casual care then termination would be just as casual ie they wouldn't need your services any more so wouldn't book any more hours. No need for notice periods other than what they may politely wish to give you.

MiaOUCHthatHURT · 03/11/2006 21:26

Oh that makes sense gooseegg - am just confusing myself at this stage I think!

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Katymac · 03/11/2006 21:29

Or you could do a full contract & put "as & when required"

MiaOUCHthatHURT · 03/11/2006 21:38

Thanks katymac, that's a good idea

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