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Cm Club - how much holiday are you taking over christmas?

21 replies

LoveMyGirls · 31/10/2006 08:16

that's it really, just wondering.

OP posts:

Katymac · 31/10/2006 08:23

I close between christmas & new year (& I explain it to everyone as they sign up) & it is unpaid


franyfroo · 31/10/2006 08:45

never done it before but im closing on 2oth dec and open again 2nd jan. cant wait. may well do it every year.


smeeinit · 31/10/2006 08:46

i finish on the 22rd and start back on jan 4th this year.!


smeeinit · 31/10/2006 08:47

same as katymac,its in my contract taht i take days off at xmas and i DO get paid for it! altho i dont take paid time off thro the year.


nzshar · 31/10/2006 08:53

I finish up on the 22nd and back on the 3rd. As with Katymac it is explain as they are signing up that i have that time.


Bozza · 31/10/2006 09:04

frannyfroo that is ages. Ours are still at school then.


LoveMyGirls · 31/10/2006 09:16

i was thinking about charging half fee for xmas week so having the 25th - 29th and then full fee for new yrs day as its bank holiday.

cant believe most of you dont get paid for hols. we do a very hard job and we deserve to get what everyone else gets, we deserve a paid break too (or at least half pay in my case)

OP posts:

looneytune · 31/10/2006 09:42

Working apart from usual Christmas Day, Boxing Day New Year etc. You never know though, parents may take time off themselves and then I'd still be paid.


Bozza · 31/10/2006 10:05

Yes I book the Christmas week off for my DS. So pay half price fees because DH has that week off work. I then try and take as much of it off myself as possible.


HappyMumof2 · 31/10/2006 10:07

Message withdrawn


ayla99 · 31/10/2006 10:29

I am closed from Christmas Eve to New Years Day inclusive. Half fees.


franyfroo · 31/10/2006 13:08

none of my parents would pay my holidays. tried it once when first started, lost custom. others in the area dont charge.


dmo · 31/10/2006 13:16

i finish the day b4 christmas eve (23rd) and back after new year normally round the 2nd or 3rd
parents pay full fees during christmas as it is part of my 4wks off a year


alibubbles · 03/11/2006 07:22

14th December to 10th january, half fees, independent school hols

I'm skiing from the 19th - 31st Dec, can't wait, skiing on Chritsmas day is fabulous!


dmo · 03/11/2006 12:08

lucky you


HenniPenni · 03/11/2006 14:09

I am finishing on the 22nd and restarting on the 2nd. All unpaid.


saltire · 03/11/2006 15:36

I finish on the22nd and back on the 3rd Jan. I don't get paid, like frannyfroo i tried it once and the parents left, i pointed out that they all took paid holidays, so why shouldn't i, but they wouldn't have it. AFAIK none of the CM;s round here charge for their hols


FeelingOld · 03/11/2006 17:31

I am only taking off xmas day, boxing day and new years day. Dh works over xmas so I do too (I take the october half term off and 2 weeks in the summer). Some of my parents have holidays over xmas so I don't usually have mindees everyday so it doesn't usually work out too bad.
I am also like franyfroo, CM in my area do not usually charge for their holidays, so if you tell parents you charge you don't get the work.


Isyhan · 06/11/2006 20:04

Im taking one week off but I charge a monthly fee which has an annual 4 weeks off a year. So although I dont get paid I dont miss it as Im pais same amount every month.


franyfroo · 07/11/2006 09:09

being very slightly does that work isyhan


lunavix · 07/11/2006 09:13

My last day will be the fre (22nd?) I don't do w/e, or bank holidays (paid for bank holidays though) so full pay xmas/boxing, then I'm taking the three days after holiday (so half pay) then it's new years day the following monday so full pay for that then back tues (the 2nd)

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