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CM Club - Tax credits query

14 replies

saltire · 30/10/2006 11:51

I have just started with a wee boy, 11 -5.30 monday to friday. I always ask for payments up front, as twice i have had to take people to court to get money back.
The mother was quite happy with this. then she phoned and said that she was getting tax credits, and wouldn't be able to pay me in advance. She says her first payment is going in next monday ( i started with wee boy today), and that she will be paying me a week in arrears! is this normal for tax credits to be paid in arrears like this? To be honest i'm not too happy about it. The mindees dad is military, so i know he gets paid tomorrow, i did ask if he they could pay ment he full month, like we agreed and then they would just keep the tax credit money.

OP posts:

doodlebop · 30/10/2006 12:00

have you signed contracts to say that payment will be in advance?


saltire · 30/10/2006 12:18

I haven't done contracts yet, as i always have a 2 week settling in period. However i jhave made it clear on all my paperwork that i like payment in advance. I just wondered about the tax credits in arrears thing, is that normal?

OP posts:

doodlebop · 30/10/2006 12:23

the parent i was talking about the late payment fees gets tax credits every thursday for childcare, i charge weekly in arrears (hence the problem). I would say that they have to pay in advance at the end of the week for example pay this friday for next weeks care and so on, does that make sense


Katymac · 30/10/2006 13:58

Stick to your guns

But maybe charge 1.25 weeks each of the first 4 weeks then it will be in advance after that


saltire · 30/10/2006 15:29

She told me that she gets her first payment through on the 10th November, which will be one weeks payment, but by then i will have had mindee for two weeks, so iam going to be getting paid 2 weeks in arrears!

OP posts:

Tan1959 · 30/10/2006 18:41

Pretty sure Tax Credits pay in arrears. I always ask for payment in advance; if parents can't afford 1 month, I agree to a week in advance or they can pay me at the beginning of each day until money comes through.

When I first started childminding, I had one really negative experience whereby I was owed £700.00 in Tax Credits and parent was going to keep it!! I got it back though.

I agree with KM, stick to your guns....


Katymac · 30/10/2006 18:44

So at the end of the 2 weeks she would need to pay 1 and a quarter weeks for 8 weeks to catch up or leave and keep all the tax credits herself - it happened to me last summer


saltire · 06/11/2006 11:57

Update. Have had a payment today, for the week 30th october - 3rd November. However, the dad paid me and made a point of telling me he was paying out of his wages.
The mum said today that if they were paid monthly, it would go into her account on the 15th of every month, and if it's weekly it is always a week in arrears. I am, to be hoonest, feeling a bit under pressure to just sya
"pay me at the end of the month for the whole month". They cannot seem to understand why i would like paid in advance, and as it is, its a week late.

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 06/11/2006 13:19

Message withdrawn


mummymonster2 · 06/11/2006 13:52

Why should where they are going to get the money from to pay you be your concern.

I have two children that go to a child minder for 2 days a week. I claim 70% of her fees back via the tax credit system. However I have recently had a letter from the Tax Credit people telling me that they have overpaid me and will be reducing my payments until further notice. What would happen if this happens in your case.

I would stick to your payment in advance procedure for your own protection.

My childminder in a lovely lady and I keep her aware of the whole situation but I can't expect her to work for the love of my children.


Earthymama · 06/11/2006 17:44

I'm really upset today as parent of one of the little ones has given notice and can't understand why they have to pay for notice period. We have NCMA contract in place but this parent seems to see the situation as me being unfair!!

I could cry, I'm so close to packing it all in, I feel so unappreciated.

(Not really hi-jacking as this family gets WTC)


StrawberryMoon · 06/11/2006 19:24

i ask for payment a week in advance and got both payments in full this morning..both families dont have tax credits set up yet as i only receieved my certificate today(knew on thursday it was in post) and they have paid out of their pocket/wage/student loan..not sure, but they wouldnt go (hang on think im qupting someone here??) to tesco and say oh, ill pay the £80 shopping bill when i get credits next week!..same difference


saltire · 07/11/2006 17:34

Right this is starting to annoy me now!
Now we have all decided mutually to pay me on the day the money comes in - the 15. So i will get paid on Friday for this week, plus the13th and 14th. Then on 15th Nov will get paid up until the 15th december. Am still not sure this going to work, as surely the money paid on the 15th will only cover the 2 weeks already IYKWIM? not my problem anyway, it's just that the CM who has the sister says she will accept payment at end of month for month just worked.

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 08/11/2006 15:55

your rules apply not anyone elses, maybe they can manage things and trust(!!) them to pay at end of month..personally i wouldnt risk it and im looking after one of my best friends dd's and she pays monday morning for week ahead!

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