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Caring for Autistic Children

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nannynick · 29/10/2006 19:04

I was wondering if I am the only person here who cares for children with Autism, or if there are others?

Have to day, the Autistic lad I cared for today was great... took him swimming for the first time (well first time he's gone with me) and there were no tantrums or inappropriate behaviour at all... such a joy.

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HenniPenni · 29/10/2006 20:00

Hi nannynick, I have just looked after a little boy (age6) last week along with his sister during half term, like you we had a lovely time, behaviour was good-just the odd noise that he makes when it gets too noisy for him. He's also starting with me before and after school as needed.

I must say that I was apprehensive about looking after him but he was lovely!

Twoandabump · 30/10/2006 08:00

I look after a little girl who is 7 in the holidays as mum can't get the time off.

I find that it is hard work sometimes, but you can sort of get to know what they need as easily as the next child.

Mum is really pleased as she has found someone who can look after her, although I am really tired at the end of the day!

nannynick · 30/10/2006 08:55

Know what you mean. The child I care for does not really talk. Knows a few words - car, cow, train - but most is babble (he's aged 4). But most of the time I know what he's wanting... when I get it wrong, he soon makes it clear!

OP posts:
NannyStar · 30/10/2006 09:42

Hi nannynick, there is a new agency in Manchester, I think it's called Mary Poppins and they cater only for Autistic children.

FeelingOld · 30/10/2006 10:28

I too care for a boy with autism during school holidays 2/3 days per week (he is 9).
I too was apprehensive but I think that as long as you get lots of info from parents (as you would for any child you are going to care for) it will be fine.
My mindee tends to like a fairly structured routine which is the same every time he comes and as long as we do this he is fine, although he does tend to come on the days I do not have too many other children as he too doesn't like too much noise.
Its fab to see him with a smile on his face as he is eager to show his dad what we have made during the day when he comes to pick him up.

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