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Post-birth doulas - has anyone had one? Was it worth it?

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TuttiFrutti · 24/10/2006 21:54

That's it basically. Thinking of the options for helping me out after a c-section in February with a very large, non-walking ds, currently 18 months and will be 22 months at time of birth.

OP posts:
Quadrofiendia · 24/10/2006 21:56

I've worked as a post birth doula, I can honestly say the clients i worked for were very happy with my work

lulumama · 24/10/2006 21:56

as someone hoping to start working as a doula very soon....i;d say so too!!

Quadrofiendia · 24/10/2006 21:59

I think the main benefit of having a doula is the variety of tasks she will undertake. I literally did anything i possibly could to ensure mum was well rested.

LauraM20 · 25/10/2006 10:35

You could advertise for a maternity nanny, they usually come for about 4 weeks after the birth and will help you with new baby, your toddler and do general tasks around the house to make your life easier! Maternity nannies are there 24/7 though to help you through the night you would need to have a spare room. Hope that helps!

ummbilal · 12/11/2006 21:44

Having a postnatal doula is like being mothered, you'll have nice meals and a clean house and someone to watch the baby while you nap, some doulas will do nights aswell if you like,

check out Doula Uk and read some testimonials,

All the best for your up coming birth, x

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