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School run - HELP

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mama30 · 22/10/2006 18:21

We are looking for a childminder to do the morning school run for our 4 year old. Ideally our child would be collected from our house and taken to school in the morning. We live near Lynwood Road in the Greystoke state and our child attends St Gregory's school. Any leads greatly appreciated.

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mama30 · 22/10/2006 18:25

Ooops, the location is Ealing in London.

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ayla99 · 25/10/2006 21:29

Have you tried West London Children's Information Service Ealing (Tel: 020 8825 5588)?

Some school offices hold details of local childcarers (but some don't because they don't want to be seen to be recommending anybody in particular)

Good luck in your search.

Bluebear · 26/10/2006 15:51

Are you a member of the ealing 135 parents' group? (they have a website - if you google for it).
They sometimes have ads from childminders with vacancies in their newsletter.

Would you consider a nanny-share? The 135 also have a register of members looking for other families to share a nanny with. Also there's (you can search for free but have to pay for an ad on that site)

I'm in W5, and found it really hard to find a childminder with vacancies even using the up-to-date list from the CIS (it's worth ringing them as a lot of childminders won't put their details on the website and a lot that are on the website give the CIS phone number as contact details so you end up ringing them anyway).
The best method I found was to ring a childminder from the list who was in the right school catchment and if they had no vacancies ask if they could recommend someone (most of the childminders know each other and have an idea of who has a vacancy coming up).

Good luck, finding good childcare is so stressful!

mama30 · 29/10/2006 17:41

Thank you for your messages. Yes I tried the West London Children's Information Service Ealing. I rang quite a few childminders but no luck. Because all we need is for someone to pick up our dd from home and take her to school it does not seem to be work worth taking on. All said they are looking for a minimum of a few hours a day of work....Most mums I have spoken to have suggested that the best option may be another parent who is already taking their child to school. What do you think of this? Good idea? Should I put an ad for it?

OP posts:
wakeupandsmellthecoffee · 29/10/2006 17:46

does the school have a newsletter ask them to put it in there , Best of luck .

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