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Childminder with birds

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RowB · 20/10/2006 20:09

Having seen posts about childminders with dogs and interested in opinions about childminders with birds.

I have 11 lovebirds that live in my sitting room which will be the main room for the mindees. They are all in cages which are locked and are behind a hearth guard so the cages can't be touched by anyone unable to open a stairgate. They are NOISY and tend to chuck seed and feathers around but not in huge amounts, they are never let out when anyone else is in the house.

Would you have any concerns about them?

ta muchly

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RowB · 20/10/2006 20:10

dont know how i posted that twice, doh!

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HumphreyComfreyCushion · 20/10/2006 20:12

Would they cause problems for children with allergies or asthma? I know some birds can do, but don't know about lovebirds.

I'd probably be concerned about the seeds and feathers if I had a little one that would be crawling around on the floor - unless the seeds and feathers only land in the bit that is sectioned off IYSWIM.


Twoandabump · 20/10/2006 20:18

Would be OK if they wree in cages as far as I am concerned, so wouldn't put me off. Might have the little ones shouting at them as my 2 go along and shout "Shut up" when we go in a pet shop near us lol.

Bit different to a dog I think.


RowB · 20/10/2006 21:25

Yes the seed etc is confined to area behind gate (I have an 8 month old!)
They may well cause allergies and of course any parent that contacts me would be told about them, but apart from that I cant see a problem. Am asking as a friend said she would be wary about letting her child in my house but couldnt/wouldnt say why!

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