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Nanny Nabbing in Desperate Housewives and beyond...

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emmahere · 19/10/2006 20:44

Can anybody remember the episode in Desperate Housewives when Lynette's nanny got nabbed? Am writing something on Nanny nabbing (or sitter stealing as our transatlantic friends call it) and wondered whether any of you might know what happened to add it...

OP posts:

pol26 · 19/10/2006 20:48

All I can recall is that she met her undercover on the park... and pssssst-ed her over. Her current employer was a bit of a dragon and Lynette seemed lovely... can't remember it all though.

Oh.. how I wish desperate housewives was still on. I loved it!


fridayschild · 19/10/2006 21:49

I have a friend whose current nanny was an au pair for someone in the town, au pair resigned, replaced by employer no 1 and when my friend offer her a job instead (to start after 2 months spent by au pair back in home country) my friend was Postively Shunned by the employer no 1.

who needs Desperate Housewives, I say, when you have real life?!


SarahLG · 20/10/2006 14:08

Yes, Lynette was hanging around the park trying to poach somebody else nanny be being nice and reasonable, then she ended up spying on the nanny using a hidden camera and then fired her because she spotted her husband looking at her boobs! This is not just on TV, somebody tried to poach my brilliant nanny at a toddler group a few weeks ago... outrageous.

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