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What do I get my nanny for Christmas? And how much is a reasonable Cristmas bonus?

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justaphase · 19/10/2006 09:06

She is 21, has been with us for 5 months now and is absolutely lovely.

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LadyMuck · 19/10/2006 09:08

I typically give a week's salary and a small gift (eg CD). My children are about to start painting mugs for various people, which will be filled with chocolates.

justaphase · 19/10/2006 09:12

Baby is one so painting mugs out of question

OP posts:
LadyMuck · 19/10/2006 09:17

handprint on mug? Messy but cute...

merryberry · 19/10/2006 09:29

mmm, our nanny is muslim. it's still ramadan. wonder if to give her something to celebrate Eid (biut she's not been here long enough, just a month) or something for new year when she has a holiday. what do you think?

weeks wages? blimey that's generous. wish we could but we can't. gave last nanny just over that when she left mind.

justaphase · 19/10/2006 09:44

If she's only been with you for a short time than I suppose you don't need to give her much - maybe if you call it one week's wages and then pro-rata it for however long she has been with you?

Dh suggested an ipod nano but then he thought we should not outdo her boyfriend. Plus I think one week wages AND an ipod is a bit much.

I was also thinking one week wages, is this the general consensus then??

OP posts:
smeeinit · 19/10/2006 09:47

blimey! a weeks wages and an i pod nano?!!! can i be your next nanny!!

justaphase · 19/10/2006 10:08

Naaaah, it is a bit much.... I want her to know that we value her very much but I don't want to raise her expectations overly.

One week wages and a personal givt up to £50 worth I think. But what???

OP posts:
smeeinit · 19/10/2006 10:47

how about a voucher for champneys or something similar?

jura · 19/10/2006 12:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starrmum · 20/10/2006 08:47

£200 in cash plus a small gift.

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