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cm club. after schoolers

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smeeinit · 18/10/2006 14:12

ok how does everyone charge after you charge more per hour or same as all dayers?

OP posts:

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 18/10/2006 14:17

i will be cahrging £ 3 per hour for full timers after 8.30 and before 5.30.

part timers or school drop offs/pick ups are charged £4 per guide is £1 extra per hour..
and if before 8am or after 6.30 £5 per hour!


LoveMyGirls · 18/10/2006 14:56

well my normal rate is £2.75 per hour with £2 per day for food/ activities etc

so im going to charge that but 4 hours per day is minimum. any extra hours are charged on top but no less than 4hrs per day.

holidays are going to be, if the parent thinks they will def use 3 days a week but occasionally need more and i have the space then i will take them but charge for the extra days obviously but if they only use 2 days they will still be charged for 3 days as they are "booked" and unavailable to anyone else.

does that make sense? i need to add this to my policies as at the moment it only really staes what happens will ft/ pt pre school children


StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 18/10/2006 14:59

yes basically your saying all places are subject to full pay wether they wish to use them or not and any extra hours are avaialable but need to be discussed first!

is that £2 extra each day?? so £4.75 all in all?? on top of hourly rate for food?

i take mindee to free or cheap(50p) playgroups but told mum if she wants me to continue taking her to soft play, she would have to cover it as its £1.75 and she was happy with this!


CwmbranChildminder · 18/10/2006 16:45

I charge £3 for F/T
and I charge £3.50 for P/T and school runs!


LoveMyGirls · 18/10/2006 16:46

eg, mindee comes from 8am til 6pm i charge £2.75 per hour and then £2 per day on top for food etc if any special trips then that is extra and is given in writing to parent and they agree and pay or we don't go. so the basic charge per day is £29.50


LoveMyGirls · 18/10/2006 16:56

eg, mindee comes from 8am til 6pm i charge £2.75 per hour and then £2 per day on top for food etc if any special trips then that is extra and is given in writing to parent and they agree and pay or we don't go. so the basic charge per day is £29.50


smeeinit · 18/10/2006 17:36

ok thanks people!
so i think im gonna charge £4.75 p/h for after schoolers,i charge £4 at mo for f/p timers but it will be going up in jan to £4.25. so i think an extra 50p an hour is fair?
apart from anything else the mindee who i shall be doing it for will only be with me an hour and half 4 days a week!!

OP posts:

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 18/10/2006 19:42

ooh i think im under cutting myself!
but are you in london??


Isyhan · 18/10/2006 19:52

I think you are looking at the extra £2 as an hour instead of a day!!I charge £4 per hour for after schoolers but thats in quite an affluent area and unless you're in London I thought that was about maximum really.


StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 18/10/2006 20:00



Isyhan · 18/10/2006 20:03

SFMO I dont know about you but Ive had alot of those since Ive used this site!!


smeeinit · 18/10/2006 20:26

im not in london but within half hour of london and a very affluent area!
£4 is about right but some mindees in my village charge £5.50!

OP posts:

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 19/10/2006 08:41

wow!..well im about right for teesside more than some but less than others!


dmo · 19/10/2006 09:16

i charge £3 per hour for before and after school but they have to do a min of 5 hrs per week


franyfroo · 19/10/2006 13:02

£4.00 per hour - min 2 hours per day


bmz · 19/10/2006 14:51

£5 per hour - i'm in surrey


flis · 19/10/2006 15:45

My cm charges £10/day, I'm in Manchester.


amphion · 19/10/2006 16:01

£2.50/hour including food - cheap here eh?! ( even cheaper if I mind younger sibling, then only £2/hour!) However I charge a retainer during school hols. -e.g. for one mindee that I have for 3 school days (before and after), I charge a £10/week retainer during the holidays for weeks when I am available.


amphion · 19/10/2006 16:21

......I'm in a Cambridgeshire market town and serve the smallest school so not so much demand. CMs in same town but different school can charge more.

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