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CM club my dh is letting me get a cleaner

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dmo · 16/10/2006 19:36

my dh has decided i can get a cleaner to clean the upstairs of the house and maybe do a bit of ironing

first question: does he/she have to be poilce clearerd? they will be doing 4 hrs per week in a different part of the house

question 2: how much to pay a cleaner? i live in the northwest

thanks guys

OP posts:

NannyStar · 16/10/2006 21:02

If your cleaner is in the house the same time as the children IIRC he/she does have to be police cleared. Why not get someones CRB-checked aupair or nanny if they want to earn extra cash?


CreepyCrawlyCarmenere · 16/10/2006 21:03

Why do you use the term letting?


dmo · 16/10/2006 21:13

well i could do the cleaning but really hate it so dh said he would pay for a cleaner for me so the term letting is sort of giving in

OP posts:

CreepyCrawlyCarmenere · 16/10/2006 21:21

I appreciate the sentiment and am glad you are getting a cleaner but if you are married you both own the money, never forget that!


bonkerz · 16/10/2006 21:29

just wanted to say that my childminder friends actually put cleaners wages through their books as expenses!!!!


alibubbles · 17/10/2006 09:31

My cleaner goes through my books as an expense, and has done for years.


dmo · 17/10/2006 09:49

thats a good idea thanks

OP posts:

h27 · 17/10/2006 09:57

Hi, sorry to come into your conversation about expenses but i didnt realise you could put it down as expenses! I have had a cleaner for 8 weeks now! how much can you put down for your cleaner? and is there a limit of how many children you should be looking after before you can claim|? thanks h27


bonkerz · 17/10/2006 12:14

TBH i think it can go as an expense because if you were not a childminder then technically you wouldnt need a cleaner as could do it yourself (hope that makes sense) I myself put down 2 afternoons at after school club for DS as i have 3 babies on those days and find school run impossible on those days so therefor its an expense i wouldnt have if i didnt childmind!!!


h27 · 17/10/2006 12:25

thanks very much! i may put a couple of hours through my books then! h27


dmo · 17/10/2006 14:35

but if you worked full time out of the home then you would prob still need a cleaner and after school and i'm sure your boss wouldnt pay

so still dont understand but if you lot do it so will i

OP posts:

alison222 · 20/10/2006 14:10

I'm still trying to find a cleaner but when I do I will charge it as an expense as if I didn't childmind but went to work in an office, neither me nor hoards of children would be in the house making such a mess and I wouldn't need the cleaner IYSWIM


ayla99 · 20/10/2006 19:04

i agree that a cleaner would be a legitimate expense. not only do the childminding activities create more cleaning work but also we need to keep up a certain standard of hygiene to meet the standards set by Ofsted and the Environmental Health Department (who has registered as a food premises yet?) as well as expectations of parents.


allieballie · 21/10/2006 19:52

I have a cleaner for 2 hours a week and don't put her through the books, though I fully agree with the arguments for doing so. What I'm worried about is that its cash in hand and I don't have any receipts for this and one of us will get in trouble from the tax man (though I don't think she earns enough to pay tax) - does everyone else have receipts or something in writing?

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